Alexey Steshak: The Unconventional Mosaicist

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This contemporary artist from Gorno-Altaisk (Russia) is a fresh artistic spirit in the art world, counting numerous artworks that cover an array of inspirational subjects and ideas. Throughout his carrier the artist has created some of the most impressive mosaic projects, depicting his striking esoteric style.

Alexey combines three occupational spheres; an artist, decorator and interior designer. He has the ability and creativity to envision a potential project and accomplish it solely by using his hands.

What makes Alexey stand out in the art world?

Alexey’s originality and unconventional approach to interior design is most definitely the two main factors contributing to his uniqueness. His work so far has been noted for 3 key characteristics: Simplicity, novelty and innovation.

The artist is always alert for future imaginative challenges, and together with his photographer associate Anastasia Anesti, they document his mosaic artworks permitting us to admire his work.

Have a look at some of his finest mosaic artworks:

○ This mosaic art is titled as “Mosaic Orange Tree” and it’s a handcrafted piece composed by multi chromatic shades of mosaic tiles in an array of sizes and shapes. A very neat and original mosaic art that beautifully adapts to its surroundings.

mosaic art living room - tree

This mosaic is indeed a great example of “how to give an unmistakable authenticity to your living room”. Such an organic addition to this minimalist decor!

mosaic artist

The artist initially draws the outline of the pattern directly onto the wall and places the tiles, adopting traditional practices and techniques.

mosaic artist

Depicting sharpness and liveliness, this mosaic will connect you to nature only by gazing at it…

The next astonishing mosaic project is a bar table for a small cafe in Altai Republic, Russia. The artist spent two weeks to finish this piece, using a pine board and several ceramic tiles to bring this piece to life.

mosaic art

The vibrancy and the pristine finishing of this bar provide an undeniable sense of relaxation – one could easily imagine themselves drinking coffee on a summers evening, with some ethno Jazz playing in the background…

 pristine finishing

○ Last but not least, a beautiful mosaic portrait of a man and a woman; where the artist draws the figures using a soft pencil.

mosaic artist

Black, white & red ceramic tiles were used to form this classical illustration.

 classical illustration

Alexey Steshak is truly a magnificent craftsman, creating an aura and real energy associated with each of his pieces. It is as if he cannot help but fulfill his artistic envisions perfectly with its future surroundings. All of his projects are defined by originality and extreme creativity -and that combination surely cannot go wrong, can it?

Artist Potrfolio: Alexey Steshak

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