The Beauty & Elegance of Ancient Gods Mosaics

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In the past, mythology helped ancient cultures make sense of the world and celebrate life. Today, we feel the emotions expressed in depictions of their gods and their stories. Surviving mosaic art of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and other legendary deities often come from places of great wealth. It’s easy to imagine a rich villa owner in Pompeii requesting only the best artists for his mosaics.

As we’re drawn to the classical qualities of ancient mythology in art, it’s a popular choice for decorating our homes. These subjects work well anywhere and add a compelling accent to any space. Always, consider using these mosaic art designs to complement classic designs. For instance, in rooms that use luxurious materials, such as granite and marble, and to make a subtle reference to the ocean, exotic destinations, and sophisticated tastes. So, we’ve gathered a Top Ten from our extensive mosaic art collection to share with you in this blog!

1. Neptune and the Four Seasons Mosaic

Searching for nautical mosaics that aren’t the usual motifs? We suggest any of our mosaic art that depicts Neptune – the Roman god of the ocean. Definitely, this square design is a superb way to add a center point for floor tiles. Moreover, the border around this historical reproduction is exquisite. Simply, it sets off the marble mosaic art perfectly, with a repeated geometric motif.

In addition, this particular piece highlights Neptune at its center, his chariot drawn by seahorses. The Four Seasons are depicted with traditional Roman garb and add a sense of movement. Handcrafted with subdued tones, this mosaic design was first used in a seaside villa at La Chebba in the 4th century.

2. Jupiter God Marble Mosaic

If you like the idea of including classic Roman art in your home, but have a more limited color palette, meet Jupiter. Shown here in tasteful shades of grey, white, black, and cream, the ruling deity was a protector and guardian of the law. Also, he, as you and your guests might note, wielded thunderbolts.

Best viewed on walls, this mosaic art adds a sense of depth to any area. No doubt, it looks lovely with black and white art. And, you can set it off by architectural columns, and on garden walls. It’s an effortless way to add a sense of luxury to any environment through mosaics.

3. Mayan Calendar Mosaic Medallion

The bold blues and strong lines in our Mayan Calendar Medallion are a wonderful accent for your home. Mosaics like this one have a bit of bohemian appeal. The latter brings out the best in terracotta tiles, sun-washed outdoor rooms, and even shower walls and tabletops.

We love the thought of guests gathering around this ancient symbol of wealth and prosperity, each facing a different calendar element. Made of marble tiles, this mosaic design is also available in custom sizes to fit any existing space or furniture.

4. The Parnassus Ancient Greek Mosaic Wall Art

Additionally, ancient Greek deities can provide a classic beauty to your home. Our Parnassus marble mosaic art is a masterpiece! This divine reproduction of Raphael’s original painting is stunning. This large piece depicts intricate details in beautiful, saturated colors. Apollo is featured at the center, playing his instrument. He’s surrounded by an appreciative and reverent audience of the nine Muses, nine esteemed poets from antiquity, and nine contemporary poets.

Sure to provoke spirited discussion, this mosaic art deserves a place of honor in your living or dining room. Let it shine as the only focal point!

5. Herbert James Draper’s “Pearls of Aphrodite” Mosaic Art Reproduction

Another classical depiction of Greek myths for your home: Aphrodite. The goddess of Love and Beauty has never been shown more lovely than in Herbert James Draper’s Pearls of Aphrodite. Our talented artists have created a marble mosaic art design that captures the opulent, rich tones of the original painting.

Bestowing pearls upon her worshipers, the lovely deity is mesmerizing – and the colors are perfectly suited for poolside environments. Deep blues and a sense of movement are hallmarks of this artwork. Invite a bit of divine beauty and romance into your home with this incredible handmade mosaic.

6. Pharaohs of Egypt Reproduction Mosaic

Moving away from Greece, we can find many more inspiring mythological art subjects. The Egyptian pharaohs continue to fascinate scholars and art lovers today. Their opulent lifestyle, mysterious costumes, and distinctive tomb art are mesmerizing. We’ve selected two of our most stunning depictions of these rulers to showcase our broad range of selections.

First, our faithful rendition of tomb wall art – the Mosaic Pharaohs mosaic wall art. Here, we capture the authentic faded tones of these iconic scenes. Using handset marble tiles, our artists can add a depth and glow that doesn’t exist in the original art. Hushed tones and rich turquoise-colored accents add a hint of the desert sun and ancient jewelry adornments to any space.

7. Pharaohs Mosaic Mural Art

Our second piece evokes the papyrus paintings of ancient times. Horus, the god of the sky, can be seen on the left, while Anubis, the jackal-headed ruler of the Underworld, is on the right. We love the way that mosaic art can bring the beauty of fragile, lightweight art on paper to any part of your home! This design will look stunning in even wet locations like showers, garden walls, and backsplashes.

8. Dance of Shiva Mosaic Art

Traveling on to India, we find a new pantheon, including Shiva – the Lord of the Dance. With rich, evocative colors dramatically set against a dark background, this handmade mosaic can will entice anyone who views it. Our Dance of Shiva is made of all-natural marble that simply glows in any light.

Our modern interpretation is alight with movement and joy. Add this uplifting piece to your home’s walls, and you’ll feel the energy of life and celebration whenever you look upon it.

Two of our most popular pieces might defy categorization, but are ideal for any interior style! Alectrona, the beloved deity of light and morning, is also associated with roosters and awakening senses. Pouring out the elixir of awareness, she is a classically-styled piece of mosaic art in an arched frame. As such, she will look superb on walls without windows – such as a shower enclosure – or, dare we say, in a breakfast nook, where she will help you greet the day!

9. Tara Indian Goddess Mosaic Mural

An everlasting symbol of peacefulness and compassion, the Hindu Goddess Tara represents the eternal life force that fuels all life. Adopted by Buddhism, she became the most widely revered deity in the Tibetan pantheon. Actually, in Buddhist tradition, Tara is actually much greater than a goddess — she is a female Buddha, an enlightened one who has attained the highest wisdom, capability and compassion. Also, she can take human form and remain in oneness with the every living thing.

10. Versace Mosaic Medallion

A classic icon, our Versatile is a handmade mosaic medallion that was influenced by the world-famous Italian luxury fashion company founded by Gianni Versace. Featuring the Medusa head logo with saturated accents this rondure will create a stylish table or countertop overlay. As with all our designs, this mosaic art can be customized to match any color scheme or size.

Intrigued by our delightful mythological figures, powerful gods and goddesses, and endless design choices? Be sure to explore our catalog to find just the right touches for your home!

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