Top 10 Installed Mosaics in 2020 That Will Leave You in Awe

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As we get ready to kick off the New Year, it’s always a time of joy and reflection. Just as it was for the rest of the world, all of us here at Mozaico have had to roll with the changes and deal with hardships through mosaics.

As a company that makes mosaic art, we’re committed to finding and sharing the beauty of handmade mosaic. When travel came to stop, we decided to find the best destinations to visit after the pandemic ends. (Turns out that we haven’t even scratched the surface, with our virtual globe trotting!)

We’ve learned from our customers that one of the happier side effects of quarantine was the chance to look at our homes and really think about what we want from our personal spaces. To that end, we’ve introduced our blog readers to the latest trends in home style. From bathroom makeovers to the best looks in mosaic rugs, we’ve been challenged to share design inspirations and find the freshest, most appealing looks.

We’ve also seen a new interest in creating mosaic art designs at home. To introduce our customers to the world of handmade mosaic art, we offered our DIY kits, and researched to find easy and fun crafts for you to try, such as coasters and tabletops

The results of all our research, challenges, and reflection has led us to create some of the most beautiful mosaic designs ever. We’ve channeled hardships into art, and this has led to some incredible installations of glass mosaic wall art, mosaic backsplashes, and works of abstract mosaic, modern mosaic art, and much more. We’d like to thank you, our customers, for daring us to dig deep and produce your custom mosaic tile pieces of all types.

So, without further ado, we’d like to share with our readers the results of our Year in Review at Mozaico. We’ve selected our Top 10 new mosaic that we created in 2020, with the hopes that you’ll receive as much inspiration and joy from their beauty as we have!

1. Circular Chaos – Abstract Mosaic Patterns

A colorful abstract mosaic art is sometimes the exact artwork needed to add vibrancy into the spaces of interiors and simply into one’s life. Through stone art and abstract mosaic patterns, Circular Chaos tells a story with each hand-cut stone. Effortlessly placed, this mosaic artwork is defined the way the viewer deems relative. It is a vibrant mosaic mural of experiences, thoughts and emotions.

2. Lotus Mosaic Art

Featuring two classical colors, this rustic black and white mosaic lotus embodies a traditional yet appealing aesthetic. With the precision it entails, the glistening glass flower provides you with a unique look that beautifully embellishes this vintage elevator.

3. White Swan Mosaic Pattern

Fireplaces aren’t a conventional place to install mosaics, but it would definitely look gorgeous. This White Swans mosaic design is customized so that it perfectly decorates the fireplace. It adds a lovely and luxurious touch to the white framed fireplace.

4. Peloponnese Waves – Abstract Mosaic Art

Whether framed or not, mosaic wall art is one of the most favored installation places. This wave is one of our bestsellers. The details and the curves definitely create a nautical dream!

5. Aquatic Sea Creatures Scene Glass Mosaic

This aquatic wonderland is simply mesmerizing. One of our most admired mosaics of the year, this Sea Creatures mosaic unveils the mysteries of the ocean and brings in aquatic vibrancy into your spaces.

6. Navy Dolphins Mosaic Medallion

Navy Dolphins Mosaic Medallion by Mozaico
Navy Dolphins Mosaic Medallion by Mozaico

This dolphin mosaic medallion creation adds so much luxury and character to this client’s Jacuzzi. One will definitely have a relaxing experience with this unique mosaic.

7. Colorful Peacock Mosaic Design

This beautiful mosaic design portrays an authentic vibrantly colored peacock. This unique mosaic will forever reflect the nobility and integrity that this royal creature encompasses.

8. Moroccan Lemon Tree Mosaic Design

Another kitchen backsplash is this vibrant lemon tree mosaic that highlights the traditional mosaic art designs. Through almost abstract art and painting with mosaic stones, this marvelous mosaic will forever add a natural touch to your kitchen. This client’s kitchen is simply an inspiration with a colorful palette that will always dazzle!

9. Tangiers Mosaic Art Medallion

Tangiers is an empress of the desert; a geometric mosaic design that will embellish your entryway with sandy and earthy colors. This mosaic is a centerpiece that will surely dazzle your guests every time they visit.

10. Tara Indian Goddess Marble Mosaic Mural

Placing this mosaic as a bathroom backsplash is for those of an eccentric taste. Tara, the Indian goddess represents the eternal life force that fuels all life. Perhaps placing this mosaic in the shower where all life decisions are made and restarting our day happens is a wise thing after all.

As we prepare to approach 2021 with new hopes, resolutions, and ideas, don’t forget that mosaic art is one of the most enduring, timeless, and beautiful ways to beautify your home. We welcome your challenges to our designers and artists, and we hope that our Top 10 mosaic designs bring you even more inspiration.

We’ll continue bringing our readers all the most interesting mosaic art news, craft ideas, home style ideas, and exotic travel destinations to you in 2021! Thanks for following us, and stay tuned for even more marvelous mosaic artistry from Mozaico.

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