Top 10 Mosaic Art Reproductions to Replace the Originals

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For all the art lovers out there, who always dream about owning a famous painting, this one’s for you. Mosaic art reproductions are the best and most durable alternative to the painting you want to get. Simply, choose your favorite famous painting, and we’ll transform it into a mosaic art masterpiece. Here are our most loved mosaic art reproductions.

1. “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt Mosaic Reproduction

This piece is a mosaic art reproduction of the painting which depicts a couple embracing each other amid a field of flowers. The man is bent over to reach the woman’s face, and she is tightly hugging him as she waits for his tender kiss. The Kiss is a true depiction of the serenity of love.

Another mosaic reproduction of this magnificent painting is this one. This version of The Kiss is an abstract mosaic that focuses on the couple in the painting. It truly captures the passion between the couple in an immortal artwork.

2. Judith and the Holofernes” by Gustav Klimt – Mosaic Art Reproduction

Another creation by the Austrian symbolism painter is Judith who forever glows with golden hues. Judith is one of the most notable creations of the artist. It depicts the story of the Israeli widow Judith who decapitated the commander Holofrenes. The features of the lady’s face illustrate volumes of passion and victory. This mosaic art reproduction is no different than the painting. It’s simply painted in marble mosaic stones.

3. “The Tree of Life” by Klimt – Mosaic Reproduction

By now you can tell that Klimt is one of our clients’ favorite famous artists. A petal mosaic of amazing beauty, the Tree of Life is an oriental masterpiece. Originally, painted by Klimt to decorate a mansion, it illustrates the universal Tree, which is associated with life, knowledge, family, and the continuity of generations. This mosaic artwork will always hold these symbols.

4. Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh Mosaic Reproduction

This reproduction never ceases to mesmerize. Handmade from natural marble mosaic stones, it captures the strokes the great Van Gogh used to create this artwork. Alongside the strokes and texture, through immortal mosaic marble, it illustrates the feelings and turmoil this artist went through while creating this painting. This mosaic art reproduction will decorate your interiors forever.

5. “ Cafe at Night” by Vincent van Gogh – Mosaic Reproduction

A vision from dreams, and from the streets of Paris, this artwork was born. From the charm of a midnight sky, and the serenity of sparkling lights, this mosaic reproduction depicts all the magic. If you love Paris and Vincent’s work, this mosaic artwork will beautifully embellish your interiors.

6. The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vince Mosaic Reproduction

The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vince Mosaic Reproduction
The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vince Mosaic Reproduction

If you are a fan of classic mosaic religious art, we are here for you with Leaonardo’s most famous works. The Last Supper reproduction is an immortal work that is still discussed nowadays. This mosaic wonder captures a climactic moment in Christian history. Also, it is very interesting to know that this painting isn’t found in any museum. It was painted by Leonardo on a wall in a convent in Milan, Italy and now you can have it set in stone on your walls.

7. “Water Lilies” by Monet Mosaic Reproduction

Claude Monet created a series of famous paintings of lilies. He blessed the world with these beautiful creations. Our mosaic reproduction captures the enchanting scenery through mosaic stones. This mosaic artwork is vibrant with lively colors and natural enchanting elements. It will definitely glamorize your spaces.

8. “Realms of Beauty” by Felix Mas Mosaic Art Reproduction

This painting captures the beauty of a woman. With the sea as an inspiration, the artist uses elements of the sea and the ocean to drive the characteristics of a woman. Smart, wise, elegant, mysterious, powerful and much more. This mosaic art reproduction is enchanting with the power of the feminine.

9. The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano – Mosaic Reproduction

The Singing Butler is Britain’s best selling image and has found its way into the national consciousness. Vettriano’s oil painting shows a glamorous couple dancing on a beach, both flanked by servants shielding them with umbrellas. It is a vision of pure joy and privilege. And that moment is immortalized through this work of art and mosaics.

10. Creation of Adam by Michelangelo – Mosaic Reproduction

One of Michelangelo’s greatest works, “The Creation of Adam” is originally a fresco painting which forms the Sistine’s Chapel ceiling. It illustrates the Biblical creation narrative from the Book of Genesis in which God gives life to Adam, the first man. This mosaic art replicates the magnificence of creation and the mightiness of a higher power that governs the universe and beyond. It would be perfect to decorate your spaces and reflect your ideologies.

These recreations only succeed to reveal the versatility and durability of mosaic art. Literally any painting or design can be made into a custom mosaic. Your famous painting is just a click away. Which one is your favorite?

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