Benefits of Changing up Your Home Decor on Black Friday

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One of the most anticipated sales events of the year, Black Friday 2020 is almost here and there’s nothing better than online shopping. Often our attention is directed towards tech items, fashion, and many more, but one overlooks interior design websites. We are here to tell you why that is a big mistake especially when it comes to mosaic art.

Amazing Deals on High Quality Items

When designing your home, never settle for low quality. And while we are all stuck inside, remodelling and interior design can be relaxing, exciting, and a huge mood changer. A good deal is always worth it.

On Black Friday, you can change up your interiors with high quality items while on a budget. Our mosaics are highly durable, waterproof and handmade with love. And when it comes to mosaic art, we have amazing discounts up our sleeves. Our only and biggest sale of the year will allow you to decorate your spaces with immortal, unique, handmade, and exquisite mosaic art. Make sure to grasp these amazing deals to bring some color and style to your home.

Discounted Interior Design Consultations

If you are not sure about how to apply your style to your home, Black Friday is your chance to receive professional advice. Consulting with interior designers can get pricey, but on Black Friday, many offer discounts on consultations.

At Mozaico, we offer free consultation all year round. You can benefit from the expertise of our designer to choose the perfect mosaic art colors and designs that will complement your indoor or outdoor spaces. Our designer will also assist you in finalizing your custom mosaic and bring it to life.

Design the House of Your Dreams Faster

Many of us keep pushing back on interior design projects due to budget constraints. This Black Friday is your only chance to design the house of your dreams on a budget. You can benefit from the various discounts online to meet your budget and design your comfort zone faster.

This year, our discount ranges are designed to meet your budget. This Black Friday, you can purchase your immortal mosaic art mural, mosaic inlay, mosaic pool design, mosaic table top, mosaic bathroom mural and many more on discount.

Mosaic Art is Immortal

Any art decoration whether it is a painting or any other form of art is a huge investment. Mosaic art is immortal and it is always worth it. As a matter of fact, one of the oldest mosaics was discovered in a temple building in Abra, Mesopotamia, and it dates back to the second half of 3rd millennium BC. Our mosaics are handmade from hand-cut natural marble or glass mosaic stones. Stone by stone, we bring your vision to life. And it is always great to grab a deal whatever it is!

Free Shipping

No one can resist Free Shipping! At Mozaico, we offer free shipping on our standard mosaic art order. You’ll receive the mosaic within 4-6 weeks! Handmade with passion, talent and precision to suit your vision and interiors.

Get Inspired by Our Clients Mosaics!

1. Kitchen Mosaic Backsplash

We spend most of our time in the kitchen, cooking, eating or simply spending time with family. So, might as well transform it into a beautiful space. This geometric floral mosaic blends perfectly with the theme of the kitchen while adding a pop of vibrancy to the interior. It will give you something to look at while cooking. Don’t worry, it is highly durable and waterproof, so it works perfectly as a stove top artwork.

2. Bathroom Mosaic

It is always exquisite to add art in your bathrooms. It makes the spaces a much more relaxing one. A common choice for a bathroom mosaic would be a nautical mosaic theme that complement the bathrooms colors. A bestseller of ours is this The Great Wave Mosaic which will add a touch of peacefulness and elegance to your shower. Don’t forget our mermaid mosaics collection. if you are a big fan of this mythical creature, then you better check our best mermaid mosaic designs.

3. Pool Mosaic

It is always a dream to have a private pool you can call your own. And it is always better to embellish the pool with intricate mosaic tile art which ass elegance and a feel of luxury to the pool. Many of our clients choose anchor medallions or nautical mosaic designs which look enchanting underwater. You might want to grasp some of our bestsellers to build or renovate your pool.

4. Mosaic Wall Art: Bedrooms and Beyond

Whether framed or not, mosaic wall art is one of the most favored installation places. For instance, you’re a big fan of a certain artist, and you want to reproduce a painting. Now you can do so with mosaic art! And you’ll definitely immortalize the artwork forever. Vang Gogh, Klimt, da Vinci or any other great artist, we reproduce their amazing creations. This client chose a gorgeous sun mosaic with radiant colors that align with the room’s palette.

This wave is one of our bestsellers. The details and the curves definitely create a nautical dream!

5. Floor Mosaic Art

Adding a centerpiece as a floor inlay will always leave a luxurious touch within your spaces forever. Many of our clients choose geometric mosaic creations to decorate their floors with exquisite art, but flower mosaics never fail to dazzle! The artwork above is a glass mosaic floral creation which adds so much value and beauty to the room. The White Lotus is truly a work of art.

6. Fireplace Mosaics

Fireplaces aren’t a conventional place to install mosaics, but it would definitely look gorgeous. This White Swans mosaic design is customized so that it perfectly decorates the fireplace. It adds a lovely and luxurious touch to the white framed fireplace.

Are you excited for our BF sale? Stay tuned as we reveal our amazing discounts for this year!

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