Why is Our Mosaic Art Black Friday Different?

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Every year, the Black Friday wave hits with endless discounts, and it can be overwhelming. Our budgets can’t cover everything we need to buy! So, we better set priorities.

Throughout this whole year, we all have been stuck in our homes. And the realization downs on us: our homes are our sanctuaries, and they better reflect our personalities. Interior design is about more than following trends; it has been linked to mental health for a while now. So, every item in the room must make you radiate with positive feelings.

Mosaic art is an immortal art deco that will definitely lift up your mood and make your space a bit more special. Our scenery mosaics have proven to be a blissful escape, and keep in mind, we can make any custom mosaic design you can think of. On Black Friday, you can choose from our vast catalog to decorate your interior and express yourself through immortal art. Mozaico’s Black Friday is simply unique, and here’s why.

StoreWide Sale

Unlike other online stores, and specifically art galleries, Black Friday invades all of our collections! It is a storewide sale. You can purchase any of our designer picks, bestsellers, reproductions and benefit from a huge discount relevant to your purchase. And trust us when we say, we have art for every taste. Currently, our designers created 19 collections varying from abstract to animals and Flower & Trees mosaics. Our other collections are:

  1. Ancient Mythology
  2. Birds And Butterflies
  3. Borders
  4. Celestial
  5. Compass
  6. Food And Drink
  7. Geometric
  8. Human Figures
  9. Patterns
  10. Marine Life & Nautical
  11. Religious
  12. Scenery
  13. Rugs
  14. Signs-Logos
  15. Field Tiles
  16. Others

2020 Top 10 Bestsellers

1. Octopus in Action – Nautical Mosaic Art

This Octopus Nautical mosaic is full of liveliness, color, and intricate details. Handmade from natural marble mosaic stones, this nautical mosaic artwork reveals the mysteries that lie deep within our oceans. This magnificent creature is detailed and painted with mosaic stones. Our artists really poured their hearts into this design. Our Octopus in Actions can be installed anywhere. As a bestseller this year, our clients have been installing it in bathrooms and pools.

2. A Group of Koi Fish – Mosaic Artwork

Another Nautical wonder and a forever classic of ours, this glass mosaic has been a bestseller for years. Imagine how beautiful this will look at the bottom of a pool or as a mosaic wall art in bathrooms or showers. A group of Koi Fish is a mosaic artwork that illustrates the magnificence of Koi fish as they are rooted in the Japanese culture. They symbolize perseverance and courage! So, why not add this enchanting artwork to your spaces this Black Friday?!

3. Marilyn Monroe Mosaic Art

The actress, model, singer, and iconic “Blonde Bombshell” herself, this mosaic artwork of Marylin Monroe is mind-blowing. Many of our clients are fans of this icon, and this pixelated mosaic will surely immortalize Marilyn’s memory. It will also add the liveliness she always carried with her to your spaces. This mosaic is a vision brought to life that you can now order discounted on Black Friday.

4. The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli – Mosaic Art Reproduction

A forever classic that will definitely go with a luxurious interior, The Birth of Venus famous mosaic is brought to life. This mosaic art reproduction depicts the journey of Venus ever since she arrived at the seashore. It’s a glorious mosaic artwork full of amazing details and handmade with passion. Imagine this mosaic at the center of your entrance, it will surely grab the attention of your guests for eternity. Your little castle will thank you for this valuable addition.

5. Feline Instinct – Leopard Mosaic Wall Art

We all bow to the magnificence of the jungle creature and this leopard is no different. Imagine this animal mosaic masterpiece on your living room wall. This mosaic artwork will surely stand out and you’ll travel into the depths of the jungle whenever you get lost in this mural. Black Friday 2020 is your chance to add this great mosaic artwork to your spaces.

6. “Endless Love” by Anthony Fablo – Abstract Mosaic Reproduction

Endless Love is an abstract mosaic reproduction that exposes to the world the beauty of love. Not just any love, but unconditional love that knows no boundaries. Through cubism, this mosaic artwork focuses on one thing and one thing only: Love is Love. If your interiors are minimal and modern, this artwork is for you to grab this Black Friday.

7. San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Mosaic

Illustrating the famous Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, this mosaic is for scenery lovers. It is a modern classic, a stone painting that will bring the magnificence of the city into your spaces. This can be yours this Black Friday.

8. Vino e Frutta All’aperto Mosaic Mural

A scene from a movie-worthy French countryside will now adorn your interiors. This mosaic mural is perfect as a kitchen backsplash and it will always carry an atmosphere of serenity especially with its calming pastel colors. Handmade from natural marble mosaic stones, this beauty can be yours this Black Friday.

9. The Roman Lady Mosaic Portrait

A simple yet enchanting mosaic artwork depicting part of The Roman Lady’s face. This mosaic portrait is handmade from natural marble mosaic stones to create a 3D mosaic effect. I will bring the feminine energy into your spaces this Black Friday.

10. The Life of a Smoker

This abstract and modern creation is one that only a few will understand and love. The Life of a Smoker is all about the mosaic lips and mosaic cigarettes with smoke effortlessly floating through a sea of darkness. Smoking is an act of release and self expression that only a few truly embrace. This mosaic and the ideology behind it can embellish your interiors this Black Friday.

Budget Friendly Sale

You might be wondering how can a sale be more budget friendly than it already is? Well, we don’t have a single discount. Our discounts vary with the order’s value to suit different budgets and order values. No doubt the more you order the higher your discount will be, but that doesn’t prevent you from enjoying mosaic art.

From Friday November 27th till Monday November 30th, here are the discounts you can enjoy:

  1. If you purchase a mosaic for a price up to $1000, you’ll benefit from 20% using the code BLACKF20
  2. For mosaics between $1000 and $5000, you’ll get 25% off using the code BLACKF25
  3. If you are looking to purchase a big and unique mosaic, and it is priced $5000 and more, you’ll receive 30% off using the code BLACKF30

Feel free to explore our website and add your favorite mosaics to your wishlist so that you are ready for the big weekend Black Friday sale. And these mosaics make the best immortal gift to your loved ones on Christmas and for any occasion.

Clearance Mosaics

Also, this year we have a special sale on our clearance mosaics. From Friday November 27th till Monday 30th, you can benefit from additional 15% off only on ready to ship clearance mosaics. This offer is separate from our Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals to get your mosaic Christmas gifts to you faster! You can choose from a collection of unique mosaic designs for the perfect Christmas gift using the code CLEARANCE15.

What is QuadPay?

Quadpay will allow you to pay for the mosaic in installments. So, if you are worried about going extravagant with your mosaic design, worry no more. We got you covered with the easiest payment method. Another thing to note is that your payment will be divided into 4 installments to be determined by Quadpay.

Which mosaic do you have your eyes on this Black Friday? Let us know in the comments below!

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