Top 10 Flower Mosaic Art Designs For Your Bathrooms

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Floral art is a timeless classic for any type of home interior. From lush foliage and exotic blooms to simple and more subdued garland motifs, flower mosaic art is everywhere. We’ve explored a wide range of inspirational floral mosaic art from around the world in our previous articles – let’s talk about your home, right now!

If you’re tuned in to the latest trends in home magazines, you’ve probably noticed that bold walls and more eye candy are coming back. Get ready to see the current looks of bland tile showers and backsplashes with just a few small color accents added in. The same goes for your floors: as we swap carpet for tiles and other hard flooring choices, we’ve lost color and focal points in our rooms.

Well, you might think, how do I gain visual punch on a big shower wall? How about my kitchen backsplashes? Wallpaper peels, paint fades, and I can’t always use a rug!

Okay, you probably guessed that we’re going to recommend mosaic art designs for these spaces – but let’s take a closer look at how amazing flower mosaic art looks in various rooms!

We love this simple and elegant border for so many reasons! Made of marble, this design combines a stronger line against a light background. If you’re looking for something to break up a wall of similarly hued colors, this design does it beautifully. Note how the tiles change direction to set off the lines of the vines.

Softly shaded blooms and a subdued leaf pattern add just the right amount of floral interest to this design. It’s a versatile border that could work anywhere – floors to ceiling.

Bathroom Mosaic Borders

Sunflowers have symbolized happiness and the joys of time outdoors. Immortalized by Van Gogh, beloved by everyone – they also look fantastic as mosaic art in your home! We encourage you to break away from the same old taupes and seashells in your bathroom decor and hum along to “Here Comes the Sun” the next time you’re in the shower.

This sunflower mosaic art border has it all. With a bold edge stripe, warm tones, and a hint of wildness in the green stems, it will bring a smile to your face while it lights up any room you use it in.

Equally iconic in the garden, roses are a classic look. This border takes the color palette in a different direction from our last selection. Powdery pinks and wine red accents are a fantastic counterpart to dark cabinets or countertops. As with all our mosaic tile art, this design is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, or even as a border for tile or marble floors.

The subtle texture is a great feature of mosaic tiles, and used to great effect here – just look how the blooms seem to pop off the background.

The wildness of our Artistic Lys marble mosaic tile art is one of the reasons we are drawn to it. More than just a simple floral motif, there’s a depth of shading that takes it to another level. Although it’s shown here in a vertical layout, it can also be installed as a horizontal design. Stunning as a shower backdrop, in a niche, or as a mosaic backsplash over any sink, it’s a spectacular use of hand-cut tiles and natural stones.

Did you take a deep breath when you saw this intricate floral medallion? It gets even better – go ahead and zoom in! You’ll see why we recommend this particular mosaic design for use as a tabletop or floor inlay.

The incredible array of colors in the hand-placed tiles deserves an intimate relationship. The spray of blossoms evokes the classical good looks of fine carpets, trips to Europe, and modern elegance.

This bold glass mosaic wall art design blasts any notion of old-fashioned florals right out the window! Saturated reds, intense shades of black, and the high contrast of colors will command attention in any room. We’re torn on where this eye-catching piece would look best: Over a bed? Centered over a soaking tub? What do you think?

No matter where you decide to use it, this mosaic art will shine and ripple with life. Each of the hand-cut tiles contributes to the dynamic movement.

The sculptural look of Peace Lily blooms has inspired artists for decades. Here, outlined against a black background, they’ll take center stage. As we’ve mentioned, mosaic art offers home decorators a chance to add visual interest to otherwise monotone bathroom walls. You’ll see just what we mean in this real-life installation. All the beauty of a painting – but without any worries about the wet environment.

In addition to the strong graphic feel of this floral mosaic art, the crisp blacks, whites, and greens will look marvelous with a variety of paint and tile colors!

Used as a stand-alone accent, or as a repeated motif, our fantastic water lily design is also highly customizable! Like all our mosaic art, this marble mosaic can be customized to your color scheme or size requirements.

No matter what the color, we think that this bit of botanical beauty deserves a central spot near a soaking tub or spa. While your thoughts are floating away, meditate a bit on this symbol of zen serenity and watery destinations!

Good art transports us. This splendid vista of blue skies, verdant poppy fields, and a sunny day takes you right into the countryside! Our incredible Poppy Flower Mosaic is indeed a “Pop” of color in any room. Install it where you long for a window, or anywhere you want a fresh and modern take on floral art.

Every hand-cut tile in this marble mosaic art shows off the beauty and range of colors we coax from our natural stone selections. Although you may want to hide it away, we think that this eye-catching piece should be shared with your friends and guests in a kitchen or living room!

Love the idea of wallpaper, but reluctant to use it in a space like a bathroom? Check out this intensely wonderful mosaic flower patterns! It’s spectacular, and it pulls together the beauty of a custom mural with the durability and water resistance of mosaic tile.

Get ahead of the biggest trends and install mosaic art like our red floral mosaic wallpaper – you’ll never look back. We are huge fans of this amazing look!

Let’s close out our jaunt through the garden with a splash of tropical simplicity. Who doesn’t love the architectural look and whimsical colors of the Bird of Paradise? This glass mosaic wall art has a subtle shimmer and glow that looks incredible on walls. Use it in your pool house, or to light up a wall in a breakfast nook or shower room.

Our bold beauty will look splendid alone, or can be combined with one of our wide selection of borders for a truly unique look in your home.

Ready to design your perfect room? Head on over to our catalog to see all our floral mosaic art looks!

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