Top 10 Pool Mosaics for a Luxurious Summer

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Are pools going to open anytime soon? Will summer exist this year? Nothing is guaranteed with COVID! Surely, we can enjoy our summer on our own terms. And improving your private pools is the way to go. A lot can be done to make summer more luxurious especially if you pay extra attention to tiles like pool mosaics.

It can be a hassle to choose a unique pool mosaic to add to your pool with all the options in our catalog. That’s why we selected the top 10 pool mosaics to transform your summer.

1. Nautical Mosaic Pool Medallion

A clash between patterns and marine life gave birth to this one of a kind Greco-Roman mosaic medallion. This mosaic artwork coupled with a classic border on the walls of the pool as seen in our clients pool is the perfect combination. Besides, viewing this mosaic while underwater will be such a surreal experience for your family and guests.

2. Nautical Patterns Pool Mosaic

Our mosaic can be customized to fit your design needs and preferences. This client chose to expand our previous mosaic medallion into a landscape design that fills the pool. By doing so, the mosaic complements the shape of the pool, adding volumes of style and luxury. The pool is transformed into a nautical dream.

3. Victory Celestial Pool Medallion

Nothing is better than combining celestial mosaic elements and ancient mythology underwater. Imagine diving into this pool, swimming into the water and gazing at this marvelous mosaic artwork. It perfectly garnishes the pool at its center.

4. Sun Pool Celestial Mosaic

Sun Pool Celestial Mosaic by Mozaico
Sun Pool Celestial Mosaic by Mozaico

Carrying on with the celestial theme, this sun pool mosaic brings in so much vibrancy and light into the pool. The tones of yellow perfectly complement the different shades of blue in the background. As a result, this contrast allows the 2 colors to pop and amplify the golden hues within this pool mosaic.

5. Bright Anchor Nautical Mosaic

Since ancient times, compass and anchor tiles have been a symbol of guidance. Wherever you are they will take you home. So, placing this mosaic artwork in your pool will make you feel more at home. Besides, the blue tones of this pool mosaic will look even better underwater. They will add vibrancy and liveliness to your pool. Keep in mind that this pool mosaic can be customized into any shape or size to align with that of the pool.

6. Seahorses Nautical Mosaic Arches

Beautifying your pools doesn’t always mean adding a mosaic to its floor or borders. Sometimes, with pool designs like this one, or ones with a complementary Jacuzzi, filling arches with mosaics is the best. This design will be facing anyone at the other end of the pool and property. Seeing this first will always be relaxing. From the privacy of one’s backyard, this pool mosaic will make you feel like you are vacationing in a resort on a fancy island.

7. Wave Mosaic Borders: Simplicity at Its Best

Often a minimal touch to your pool’s borders can go a long way. This client chose simplicity to decorate the stairs. And how beautiful it is that the wave mosaics get bigger with each step creating the perfect illusion underwater.

8. Honoring the Koi Fish

Koi fish will forever be immortal. Within the Japanese culture, these nautical creatures have always been associated with perseverance and strength. Whenever you are taking the time to relax in your pool, you will be reminded of all the obstacles that you overcame so far. Also, let’s not oversee the fact that orange, yellow, gold and blue are a timeless palette colors that will never go out of style.

9. Dolphins Trio Pool Mosaic

This Jacuzzi pool mosaic is so satisfying and mesmerizing. The fact that our client chose this mosaic to cover exactly the floor of the pool makes it even better. Moreover, shades of blue are made for pool mosaics. This mosaic harbors three shades which adds to the luxury of the design.

10. Dirty Martini Mosaic Wall Art

Nothing is better than a glass of dirty martini or a drink while relaxing on a floater. This is literally what summer dreams are made of. This custom mosaic is always there to remind to always party, of the fun times, all the laughs and water bombs.

Now is the time to make this coming summer an unreal one filled with luxury and immortal beauty. You can create your own world underwater with our pool mosaics!

Which pool mosaic design matches your style? Let us know in the comments below!

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