Valentine’s Day: Celebrating the Day of Love through Mosaics

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday many await and others dread. It’s a celebration of love that goes beyond boundaries. Immortal, pure, and unconditional. Few know about the numerous myths surrounding this famous day. We decided to take you on a trip down history to uncover the ancient stories about this day.
However, that’s not all. We are here to celebrate love the way we know best: through breathtaking mosaics that immortalize passion and love like no other! We have a surprise for you so, keep reading!

What are the origins of Valentine’s Day?

It is known that this day goes back to the 5th century and is named after the Christian martyr Saint Valentine. This Roman priest used to perform secret weddings against the wishes of the Christian authorities. Love demands to be celebrated and cherished and St Valentine was the hero. Also, he was known for healing the blind daughter of one of his captors. This heroic action resulted in the conversion of the whole household into Christians. But, that’s not all. Our angel of love left the little girl a note signed by her one and only “Your Valentine”.

Immortal Art for Immortal Love Stories

Mosaics are known for their durability and immortality. Anyone can commemorate a memory, story, or family emblem with mosaics forever. We took a trip down memory lane to gather the designs our artists crafted to celebrate love.

1. The Kiss by Gustav Klimt Mosaic Reproduction

A true classic, this mosaic is a reproduction of an authentic artwork that illustrates volumes of tenderness and passion. This mosaic is a true depiction of Valentine’s Day. Simply because it shows a passionate scene of two embracing lovers lost in the beauty of the moment.

2. Endless Love by Anthony Fablo Mosaic Reproduction

Endless Love is an abstract mosaic reproduction that exposes to the world the beauty of love. Not just any love but unconditional love that knows no boundaries. Through cubism, this mosaic artwork focuses on one thing, and one thing only: Love is Love. In fact, there’s no better mosaic to represent Valentine’s Day than this beauty here.

3. With Love Custom Mosaic

Love is unconditional, it is endless! And this mosaic captures the essence of passion and love. Moreover, the words on this mosaic can be anything you want. Whether it is a gift or a mutual purchase, you can embellish it with any quote that represent your relationship. Honor it with immortal art on Valentine’s Day.

4. Twisting Love Mosaic Reproduction

This mosaic is a natural representation of what true love is. It shows two trees embracing and twisting with delicacy and almost intimacy. In short, love is as natural as it can be. And a perfect way to honor Valentine’s Day.

5. Ballerina Dancing Mosaic Art

Love is not only about feelings and emotions shared between two partners. We often overlook the fact that we can celebrate self love and the passions we embrace in life. Hence, it is safe to say that this Ballerina mosaic beautifully represents a pure moment of passion. Simply, a moment worthy of Valentine’s Day celebration.

6. Peafowls in Love Mosaic

A lovely mosaic artwork depicting a couple of peafowls in love and sitting on a tree limb. This beautiful mosaic created by one of our talented artists succeeds in revealing an essential thing: love is all around if we know where to look. And here’s another thing to celebrate on Valentine’s Day.

7. Romantic Herons Mosaic

A lovely mosaic artwork depicting the romantic scenery of two heron birds expressing love and unity. Once again, this is another mosaic that admires the abundance of love between all creatures.

8. Anthony and Cleopatra Mosaic Portrait

This is a beautiful handmade mural mosaic that depicts the love between Anthony and Cleopatra. It’s inspired by a pencil drawing from the series of Famous Fighters that was dedicated to Anthony and Cleopatra. In fact, they were also known as the fighters & lovers. They both shared a beautiful love story that inspired different writers to write about it.

9. The Heart of Christ Mosaic

As we stated earlier, love is not only about the passion shared between partners. Also, it is about our love for the creator and our savior. He who sacrificed himself for our salvation. Of course, we don’t need Valentine’s Day to remember our faith, but it would always be a lovely celebration of it.

10. Couple’s Romantic Kiss Mosaic

We left one of the best for last. A mosaic portrait that captures a pure moment between lovers. This one is a custom that celebrates an anniversary. A good idea for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Valentine’s Day Gift Card

A gift card is always the right way to go when you are confused about what to gift your significant other. And this is not only any gift, it is a voucher for mosaics. If immortal art is not the best way to cherish love or a monumental moment in a couple’s relationship, we don’t know what is. You can choose a gift card for a value between $100 and $10,000! You can claim it immediately on our website mosaics gift cards section.

We hope that you are sharing this love filled day with your loved ones. What are you planning on gifting your special someone? Share with us in the comments below!

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