A Road to Minimal Art through Abstract Mosaics

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Throughout the previous years and with 2021 here, minimal art has been dominating interior design trends and styling. Luxury minimal design has been ruling art deco shops and modern homes. And abstract mosaic designs are here to make your homes even more minimal through immortal stone art.

What are Mosaics?

In case you are an interior designer who is new to this series, let’s recap. Mosaics are a form of art created by aligning small marble or glass mosaic stones next to each other to create a beautiful masterpiece. The design can be anything one wants from portraits to scenery. Mosaics are simply stone paintings. You might also want to delve into our Interior Designer Guide to Mosaic Art. Trust us, it is worth the read!

Mosaic art is a form of art that goes back as far back as the 3rd millennium BC. In addition to its aesthetic purpose, mosaic art never fails to narrate a story and preserve its elements stone by stone. With a little imagination and a few creative changes, an area can be converted from a blank page to a beautiful ensemble of elegance.

Abstract Mosaics and Modern Styling

Circular Chaos – Abstract Mosaic Patterns by Mozaico

Luxurious minimalism is a direction in interior design that can’t be overlooked. Here’s where abstract mosaics make an entrance. Nothing speaks minimalism that immortal art that will accompany you for a lifetime. Not only that, but also mosaics are so versatile. They can be installed on walls as framed art on inlays. Moreover, mosaics are a perfect fit for pools, bathrooms, backsplashes, floor inlays and table tops. Proving to be highly durable and waterproof, the possibilities are endless really.

What Can Abstract Mosaics Add to Your Space?

Surely, you’d be wondering about the aesthetic value of mosaics. Also, how would abstract mosaics complement interiors? And with large abstract art being the uprising trend, what’s the aesthetic language do these large abstract mosaics add? What is the mood they create? How do they fuse the interior space all together?

We are here to answer your questions before you design that room and change your clients space forever.

The Aesthetic of Abstract Mosaic Art

It is often challenging to create an aesthetic with a huge abstract artwork and the furnishing altogether. Keep in mind that large abstract artwork is a rising trend! In that case, elements in a mosaic like line, color, texture, shape and pattern, can set the tone. For instance, this Tutti Frutti abstract mosaic reproduction is an eclectic artwork that combines many elements.Tutti Frutti by Ricki Mountain - Abstract Mosaic Reproduction by Mozaico

For such artwork, it only makes sense to structure your furniture around the mosaic. So, one would go with light orange couches and a minimal coffee table.

Image Source: Unsplash

On the other hand, with a mosaic like our Non-pictorial Splash abstract mosaic art, an interior designer can go a bit wild when designing a room. With a splash, a millisecond, and a collision of colors, this mosaic illustrates the rush of emotions that might consume any individual at any point in time. This mosaic is a representation of human souls, and the struggles we face through life.

Inspired by its colors, one can add a pattern or two to furnishings and table tops. While we are at it, mosaic table tops are a thing of the future.

Non-pictorial Splash – Abstract Mosaic Art by Mozaico

Non-pictorial Splash – Abstract Mosaic Art by Mozaico

Let’s not forget the plain throws. This brings us to our second point: Should one design spaces around at or vice versa?

What Comes First, Art or Furniture?

It depends on the client really. But, ideally, always start with art, especially if you are working with a statement artwork that demands attention. Here’s why: we are more likely to keep art for a longer period of time compared to furniture! Research shows that it’s rare for homeowners to keep furniture for more than 10 years. However, art will be with us for the rest of our lives, especially when it’s mosaic art.

That being said, one can recreate endlessly around an eclectic and chaotic mosaic like our Vigorous Formation modern mosaic art.

Vigorous Formation – Modern Mosaic Art by Mozaico

Vigorous Formation – Modern Mosaic Art by Mozaico

How do Abstract Mosaics Fuse the Interior Space All Together?

Many fail to note the importance of a statement mosaic, especially one which is on the larger scale. Firstly, small mosaic art designs add intimacy to any room and are more inviting. However, large mosaic art is very handy in more spacious rooms when placed in the right place. In such cases, the mosaic artwork bridges the gap between the spacious room and the human scale decor. In this indoor pool, our Wave and Ocean mosaic creates a harmonious fusion between the sky and the pool. Also, it fills up the space between the room and the ceiling opening.Ocean and Waves - Abstract Mosaic Art by Mozaico
Ocean and Waves – Abstract Mosaic Art by Mozaico

A subtle and detailed large abstract mosaic mural that enriches the spaces, and complements the nautical mood.

What is the Mood That Abstract Mosaics Create?

Here’s where your choice of colors, patterns, elements, and composition of the latter matters. Also, it depends on the room. How does that work? This is the jist. When you are choosing art for a bedroom for instance, you’ll want to go for a calm and subtle mosaic like our Impressionistic Waves abstract mosaic pattern. That creates more of a relaxing environment.

Impressionistic Waves – Abstract Mosaic Pattern by Mozaico

Impressionistic Waves – Abstract Mosaic Pattern by Mozaico

Others usually go for a temper mosaic art that continuously provokes their thought process. Imagine waking up your brain every morning with exciting ideas and shutting it down with your wildest dreams!

The Man in the Hallway is an abstract mosaic mural that will give the first impression of loneliness. Yet, taking a deeper glance, it is a mosaic artwork that signifies new promising beginnings and an exciting life that awaits.

The Man in the Hallway - Modern Mosaic Art by MozaicoThe Man in the Hallway – Modern Mosaic Art by Mozaico

In a more social room, like the family or living room, your choice needs to be more lively. What we refer to as abstract movement in art is the way to go. This Musical Silhouettes modern mosaic spices the evening up with musical talks and many wild memories.

Musical Silhouettes Modern Mosaic by MozaicoMusical Silhouettes Modern Mosaic by Mozaico

Imagine gathering around this abstract mosaic, with some jazz music, a glass of wine, and anecdotes of your wildest travels!

What Difference Does Lighting Make?

Don’t overthrow the power of lighting in illuminating an artwork or setting the mood of a room. A natural and yellow light that’s subtle creates more of an inviting mood. Moreover, it allows the elements of a mosaic to shine as well as your furnishings.

In addition, a designer’s choice of paint color is a vital element. Going for a darker paint behind an artwork allows the mosaic to absorb more light and become more prominent. The opposite is valid as well.

Note how the black tiles allow this Lady of Feathers abstract mosaic to pop with vibrancy.

Lady of Feathers Abstract Mosaic by MozaicoLady of Feathers Abstract Mosaic by Mozaico

The Best Abstract Mosaics You Should Get, Courtesy of Our Designers

1. The Cycle of Water- Abstract Mosaic Art

The Cycle of Water- Abstract Mosaic Art by Mozaico

The Cycle of Water is an abstract mosaic mural influenced by Chinese that depicts the journey of water. Water is the essence of life, and through shades of blue and beige this abstract mosaic art design illustrates how water breathes life into anything. Handmade from natural marble mosaic stones, this abstract mosaic narrates the story of water and life droplet by droplet, stone by stone.

2. Striking Widows – Abstract Mosaic Artwork

Striking Widows - Abstract Mosaic Artwork by Mozaico

A view into million lives and a million scenarios of a single life, Striking Windows is our abstract mosaic artwork that illustrates an array of colorful windows. Endless possibilities are depicted in one mosaic art piece, and this mosaic mural is a contemporary reminder of life’s enchanting prospects.

3. Color Strokes – Abstract Mosaic Design

Color Strokes - Abstract Mosaic Design by Mozaico

A splash of color is often much needed amidst the mundanes of life. Color Strokes is literally all about the mosaic strokes of color. From blue to dark red, yellow and other vibrant colors of the spectrum, this flamboyant and colorful abstract mosaic design will perfectly enlighten your walls or floors with a refreshing breath of life.

4. Rouge Universe – Abstract Mosaic Artwork

Rouge Universe - Abstract Mosaic Artwork by Mozaico

Rouge Universe – Abstract Mosaic Artwork by Mozaico

This mosaic artwork displays an abundance of rouge shades swirling through space. This abstract mosaic artwork will transport you to an exquisite place and a free mindset with its rebellious shades of rouge and defined mosaic art strikes.

5. Silhouettes II – Abstract Mosaic Art Reproduction

Silhouettes II - Abstract Mosaic Art Reproduction by Mozaico

Modern paintings always explore the mundanes and simple inspiring instances of this modern life. This modern mosaic art reproduction captures a single moment of feminine strength, courage and liveliness. It is handmade from natural marble mosaic stones, and is a unique and empowering mosaic mural.

Why Are Our Mosaics Unique?

We pride ourselves in having 18+ of experience in mastering the art of mosaics from its design to its handcrafting. Our designers and artists pour their hearts into creating unique modern and traditional designs to satisfy any taste and match any interior. Our mosaics are handcrafted with love and precision where each stone is lined next to the other with care, patience, and passion. Definitely, living up to their immortality, our mosaics are highly durable, waterproof, weather and chemical resistant, and perfect for indoors and outdoors. All these qualities add to their minimalist edge and luxurious zest, and make them the best investment to add to your spaces.

How to Get Your Hands on Abstract Mosaics?

It is very simple. Through our various mosaic design collections: Animals, Nautical, Geometric, Patterns, you will stumble upon our Abstract Mosaics collection which will reveal a world of luxurious minimal beauty. From colorful art, to symbolic art, to reproductions of famous artwork, you will definitely find something that reflects your artistic taste to embellish your interiors. Spice up your home decor with mosaics, you won’t regret it.

And if you didn’t, don’t fret! We can customize any artwork into mosaics, and change up an existing design to suit your preferences. To get this process started, you can simply email us at sales@mozaico.com to start a free consultation with our designers.

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