Top 10 Nautical Mosaics to Bring the Ocean into Your Space

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The mysteries and beauties of the sea are especially appealing at this time of the year. Is there anyone who doesn’t have pleasant associations with warm water, waves, and vacation thrills? Nautical mosaics can be a bliss.

There’s a soothing palette that accompanies water and sea life. Relaxing blues and greens, sparkling flashes of color from fish, and even the hushed tones of shells and water-worn pebbles are part of the scene. As such, we highly recommend nautical mosaics as a part of any interior.

Adding natural elements is one way to ensure that your home style remains fresh. All the interior design trend indicators show that bringing the textures, colors, and organic feel of stone, fiber, wood – and yes, mosaic art – will remain popular.

Where do our incredible nautical mosaic art pieces work best? Perhaps we should talk about where they don’t work. The truth is that these ocean-themed mosaic art designs can be installed anywhere! Indoors or outdoors, they bring color and eye-catching appeal to any surface. From pools to floors, backsplashes to shower walls, walls to ceilings, mosaic can handle exposure to heat, cold, and wet.

Likewise, our huge range of modern mosaic art and custom mosaics in the nautical theme will work in any room. There are color schemes and subjects to fit in anywhere. You can evoke the whimsy of mermaid encounters, a walk on a rocky beach, or a dive along a coral reef – simply visit our online catalog!

Ready to explore the possibilities? Let’s take a deep dive into the world of nautical mosaics, with our Top Ten selections!

Mermaids for Every Taste

Mermaid mosaics are so popular and dearly loved by our clients! You don’t have to be a believer in these marvelous creatures to love them. In fact, they’ve been a source of beauty and inspiration for millennia. Is it their mysterious ways? Their pleasing mix of rippling scales and flowing hair? Maybe we all have a secret desire to be one with the ocean.

1. Felix Mas Realm of Beauty Mosaic Reproduction

Our Felix Mas Realm of Beauty mosaic wall art is a stunner with sharp contrasts. This hand-made marble mosaic art can be ordered in custom sizes, as well as framed, as you see here. The subject may reflect fantasy, but the look here is all modern.

2. Aquatic Sea Creatures Glass Mosaic

As a piece of art, Aquatic Sea Creatures is popular for many reasons. First of all, it brings the feel of a teeming undersea reef to any space. Second, it’s a magnificent use of glass mosaic tile. The shine and movement provided by the tesserae evoke the ripple of water and the movement of colorful fish like no other medium.

3. Mermaid Lullaby Mosaic Design

Mermaid Lullaby is rich in detail and color, brought out by the handset marble mosaic tiles. It’s a natural focal point for walls or backsplashes, where the nuances can be appreciated. This soothing mosaic design keeps the eye moving, finding new surprises in every corner. A vivid array of ocean life surrounds our siren, who gently plucks out a sweet lullaby.

4. Peloponnese Waves Abstract Mosaic Art

The Peloponnese Waves mosaic art design is a fine example of abstract mosaic art with a strong natural feel. It’s beautiful in modern interiors, where the pattern provides movement and depth. Each of the marble tiles is hand-placed for gorgeous texture and impact.

5. Sea Turtles and Fish Petal Mosaic

Mounted on a shower wall, this Sea Turtles and Fish petal mosaic creates a window into the ocean! Natural stone is the perfect medium for this scene, making the undersea light feel realistic. The composition and framing of this mosaic design make it seem as if a group of sea turtles is just gliding by as you watch!

6. Dolphin Medallion Mosaic Art

Our Dolphins Medallion mosaic is a classic design that can be used on tabletops, in pools, and inlaid into floors. Three blue dolphins circle the rhythmic waves at the center, while the handset marble tiles create an interesting texture. Order this in our polished option for an even greater depth of detail and a beautiful shine.

7. Ocean And Waves – Abstract Mosaic Art

Truly stunning, and impressive in larger sizes, the Ocean and Waves design is a masterpiece of handmade mosaic art. This stunning marble mosaic will add a splash to any space. With incredible detail, it brings out the subtlety of every movement of the waves, viewed from a perfect angle.

8. Glass Octopus Nautical Mosaic

Arresting detail and a white background make for a riveting addition to your indoor or outdoor environment. Our Glass Octopus mosaic art is simple, a bit playful, and deserves a place of honor on your shower, pool, or cabana wall. As a piece of handmade mosaic, the glass tiles add shimmer and life. An array of blues and other soft accents blend well in many nature-inspired color schemes.

9. Sea Life Scenery Mosaic

Swimming pools and spas are always perfect partners for nautical motifs. This Sea Life Scene is a top choice to add impact and beauty to your own home’s aquatic scene! Packed with busy angelfish, seahorses, and other ocean denizens, it’s just right for a pool wall. Like all of our mosaic art, it’s designed for durability and long life in any setting – even tough ones like swimming pools.

Sea Life Scenery Mosaic by Mozaico
Sea Life Scenery Mosaic by Mozaico

10. Mermaid Reaching for the Star Glass Mosaic

Wish upon a star, and you might find this mermaid visiting your home. Here, our Mermaid Reaching for a Star mosaic wall art brings just the right marine touches to a bathroom. This handmade glass mosaic art tells a wonderful story: A mermaid in the water reaches out to grasp a starfish, while a coral reef lies below her, and fishes swim by. Lighter shades of mosaic tiles suggest that she’s hovering close to the water surface where the sunlight can piece through.

View any of our Top Ten Nautical designs here on our website, where you can find yourself awash with amazing choices!

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