Kick-Start the Year With These Amazing Mosaic Designer Picks

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Art makes the home! When you’re decorating interior spaces, perhaps with mosaics, don’t forget the one thing that really reflects your personality. Your choice of decorative art pieces is so important – it adds style, interest, and energy to any room.

Sharing your interests and special flair through mosaic art is a wonderful way to invite guests and add sophistication to your home. It opens up new possibilities for accenting areas in your home. If you’ve been longing to spice up your bathroom, add color to a kitchen, or create bold focal points on floors, mosaic tile art is effortlessly versatile. With an ability to withstand wet conditions, foot traffic, and cleaning, mosaic art is the best option to spice up any space.

Hana VII Floral Mosaic by Mozaico
Hana VII Floral Mosaic by Mozaico

Our selection of mosaic art designs is so broad we can offer just a taste of the options that are available. Here, we’ll share 10 of our delightful Designer Picks to whet your appetite! Once you’ve gotten a feel for what will look best in your next project, you can enjoy the process of choosing your favorite.

Let’s kick off our list with a big abstract splash!

1. Striking Windows – Abstract Mosaic Artwork

Striking Windows is a colorful piece with strong lines. Shown here on a horizontal, it can also be displayed in vertical format. Peer closely, and you might imagine that you’re peering into a scene with an array of colorful windows. Or, simply enjoy the deeply saturated colors and the subtle variations in the tiles that make up the golden-hued background. Also, picture this as a backdrop on a shower wall, where it will add an opulent, glowing touch to your personal sanctuary.

2. Flowering Tree Mosaic

With bright colors that pop against the light and neutral background, this Flowering Tree marble mosaic art is designed to be a focal point. Lush pomegranates bring prosperous vibes to this piece, while the birds add a hint of personality. Definitely, no cookie-cutter flock, here. These feathered friends are busy enjoying their fruit harvest, flapping wings, hopping from branch to branch, and striking poses to impress any onlookers. Moreover, details like these make this hand-crafted mosaic a charming addition to any spot where it can be appreciated up close. Perhaps in a dining nook, while you enjoy your morning coffee? You know what they say about early birds!

3. Freckled Wave Border Mosaic

We can’t overemphasize what the right border design can bring to any space. Thoughtfully chosen mosaic art, such as our Freckled Wave, can pull a room together, delineate spaces, and add polish. Think about what this repeated motif can do for stair risers, for example. As often-overlooked spots that look fantastic with a bit of embellishment, they can help bring out the color of furnishings and rugs. Simultaneously, mosaics are uniquely suited to withstand the frequent contact that goes along with stair traffic. Maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at your steps?

4. Spectacular Seasons Trees Mosaic

Petal mosaic art, such as this Spectacular Tree design, helps illustrate how diverse and amazing mosaic art can be. With a strong 3D aspect, this would be outstanding when positioned over a fireplace. Also, the way the light in a room interacts with the textured tree trunks, glistening marble tiles and warmth of the sun in the background. All these details create a subtle “wow” in living areas.

5. “The Singing Butler” by Jack Vettriano Mosaic Reproduction

May we propose a bit of romance for your favorite patio? Gaze upon “The Singing Butler”! Jack Vettriano’s famous scene has been transformed into a piece of fine mosaic art. Installed on an exterior wall. It will remind you of the stubbornness of love, and that even cloudy days can’t dampen passion. Surely, the deep crimson shades draw the eye to the lovely couple dancing at the center of this scene. What a superb way to commemorate your relationship – best served with a glass of good wine and a bit of candlelight.

6. Window View Mosaic

Have you been missing the joys of a window in your kitchen work area? With modern home designs, windows and views are often sacrificed for cabinets and appliances. Here’s the perfect solution: the View from a Window mosaic design brings in the sunlight! It’s hard to imagine a better vista than this verdant countryside. The road twists away towards an intriguing villa, adding movement to the piece. Meanwhile, it’s always a sweet summer day outside, with grapes ready for the plucking and blue skies overhead. Make every day a good day with this handmade mosaic art!

7. Gazing Leopard Mosaic Medallion

Have you found your green thumb in the last year? Urban Jungle has become a new buzzword for homes that are happily filling their spaces with all types of greenery, vines, succulents, and more. Unfortunately, not all types of art are suited for the warmth and moisture that your botanical buddies need to stay healthy. Mosaic tile art, on the other hand, is perfect for any wet environment. We suggest a background piece with a strong sense of perspective, such as this Gazing Leopard Medallion. Can’t you just see him emerging from your palm fronds?

8. Psychedelic Sun Mosaic Artwork

With the start of a new year, many of us are looking for something to symbolize a new beginning and a sense of optimism for 2021. Flaming with color, our fun-centric Psychedelic Sun mosaic artwork is a whimsical creation that will never fail to impress your guests and inspire your most cheerful thoughts. Bearing a peaceful expression, the sun depicted in this dazzling art will be happy to oversee your gatherings once you can be with friends again. The round shape will create a fantastic, tough tabletop.

9. Otherworldly Fruits – Mosaic Wall Art

On the other end of the light-dark spectrum, the Otherworldly Fruits marble mosaic art is a sophisticated take on the typical depictions of botanical motifs. Jet black tiles frame an opulent still life of fruits and vines, And a subtle mix of lighter greys delineates the lower portion of this artwork. As a strong visual anchor, this is well suited for kitchen backsplashes, where it will provide a beautiful interplay with granite countertops.

10. Northern Waves Mosaic

The handcrafted beauty of our Northern Waves mosaic design works for any space that needs a burst of movement and elegant color interplay. The shifting colors of terra cotta, sea blue, and warm gold depict rolling waves. Made of marble mosaic tiles, this piece creates an incredible background for water features or anywhere in a pool area. In addition, you’ll find that it picks up the colors of plants, pottery, sky, and more as it withstands sun and wet.

Ready to start your fun journey to finding art that reflects your unique style and tastes? Head on over to our enormous catalog of fine mosaic artwork pieces, where you can explore all types of new looks for your home. Even more amazing? If you’re imagining something that we don’t already stock, we can customize pieces to your specifications! Just get in touch with us about changing the colors of existing designs, custom shapes, or even creating pieces from your own artwork or photos! No matter what you’re dreaming of, Mozaico can bring it to life!

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