EcoDesign and Mosaic : A Perfect Partnership

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Have you been interested in adding more sustainable design features to your home? When you’re thinking about environmental impact in your daily life, it’s often related to energy use or recycling. However, a growing number of companies – like Mozaico – utilize EcoDesign principles to produce useful and aesthetically pleasing products. Here’s a quick primer on Sustainable Design, and how you can incorporate it into your lifestyle – with beautiful results!

EcoDesign is the Future

It all starts with the design phase – where the important decisions about raw materials and manufacturing are made. When a company sets out to create products that have a lighter footprint on the earth’s resources, they consider not only the source of their supplies – but also their future.

It’s a big change to evolve from a linear economy – where items are produced, used for a short time, and then discarded – to a circular economy. And really, the circular concept is best for our planet! Reusing materials, saving them from entering into the waste stream, and creating products that last for decades, not months – it’s simply a winning proposition for all of us!

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How Mozaico Uses Sustainable Design Principles

Looking at one of our finished mosaic designs, you might not think about the raw materials that are used. Each of our natural stone tesserae (mosaic tile pieces) was once part of a larger block of raw marble or quartz. Much, much larger, in fact! Here’s a Chinese factory floor where the huge pieces of stone are being cut into smaller pieces.

Image source: Pinterest

Eventually, they are turned into the thinner sheets that are used for mosaic tiles. The different types of marble mosaic stones are sourced from around the world – with much of it coming from Italy, China, India, and Spain.

Image source: Wikipedia

Creating mosaic art designs like these can require a whole rainbow of hues, with nearly infinite variations on texture and pattern within each type of stone tile used. When our mosaic artists create your custom designs, they have access to an extensive library of colors.

Here’s where Mozaico starts the ball rolling with our sustainable design practices. Our needs for different types and colors of stone mosaic components are limited our color chart palette. We use marble, quartz and glass in our mosaic designs. We work with manufacturers to purchase their leftover stone tiles, keeping them out of the waste stream. Every new type of granite, marble, or semiprecious stone may spark a new creation in our workshops!

Making a Mosaic by Mozaico

Source : Mozaico

Another sustainable design feature is the unsurpassed longevity of our products. Just like the ancient archaeological finds of Pompeii or 1800-year-old examples in Turkey, Mozaico mosaic art is designed to last for a lifetime and beyond. They’re water and temperature-resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and ready to take on all sorts of conditions. This is art that will be there for future generations – just as bright and lovely as it is today.

Mosaic Art is a Choice to Feel Good About!

Adding mosaic wall art and mosaics to your home and outdoor living spaces is a sustainable choice you can feel good about. Our nearly endless mosaic design choices and custom mosaics are suitable for any decor or style. Go greener with a piece of Mozaico art! Let’s save the Planet for our children to enjoy!

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