From Street Art to Your Own Home - Floor Mosaic Designs are Full of Inspiration!

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When you’re out exploring the world this summer, don’t forget to – look down! You might be surprised at the mosaic artwork that will meet your feet! Creating a great reminder of how mosaic designs can add life to any surface, artists such as Ememem and Jim Bachor use the city streets as their inspiration and medium.

It’s a natural progression in the history of mosaic art. As we’ve talked about in previous articles, some of the most significant archaeological finds began with mosaic art discoveries that have survived the centuries. Intact floor designs, such as this one in the Church of the Bethlehem, have inspired plenty of modern mosaic art.

Image Source: Middle East Eye

French Artist Ememem has been exercising his skills with his signature “flacking” since 2016. Although Lyon, France is ground central for his ground-level artworks, fans eagerly seek them out all over Europe. If you’re planning on visiting Spain to check out the examples of Gaudi’s mosaic artwork, keep an eye out for his works in Barcelona. Here’s one to search for:

Image source: ememem-flacking.net

There’s a strong element of whimsy in Ememem’s street art. Depending on the surroundings, he crafts each piece to fit the surroundings, often taking viewers to unexpected places.

Image source: Pinterest

From animals to completed geometric shapes, the creativity and bright colors encourage pedestrians to slow down and look for the beauty in hard city surfaces.

Image source: ememem-flacking.net

It can be a bit of a puzzle on how to best incorporate a randomly shaped surface, but the artist is always up for the challenge.

Image source: ememem-flacking.net
Image source: ememem-flacking.net

Meanwhile, Chicago artist Jim Bachor makes his hometown’s mean streets a little more friendly. His humorous mosaic artwork fills potholes, often with a timely commentary on current events.

This piece was inspired by the early days of the pandemic in 2020.

Image Source: Colossal

Sometimes, however, he just wants to remind those who pass over his art about the beauties of the world – even in a scene surrounded by bricks and pavement. His floral series was installed using glass mosaic art in 2013.

Image source: Demilked

Others give a sly wink to older artists, such as this 2015 piece, which was located at the Northeast corner of Michigan Avenue and Ohio Street in Chicago.

Image source: Bachor.com

Mosaic artist Bachor honored the world of tough and lovable street cats with his Street Cat series in Cave Creek, AZ.

Image source: Bachor.com

In your own home, mosaic art can also create surprising accents in your living spaces and gardens. The beauty of mosaic tile is easy to use in places well beyond your standard backsplash or shower walls, creating art with custom dimensions and shapes.

Mosaic flooring can welcome guests, set off entertaining areas, and add color to indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Furthermore, Mozaico’s team of skilled artisans can work with irregular shapes to create a truly customized piece of mosaic art for you.

Mosaic art is also a wonderful way to create a memorable entryway to your home. Let us work with you to find your perfect mosaic piece. This design, for example, can be customized with your personal color choices.

Image source : Mozaico

Just like Ememem’s and Balchor’s pieces, our mosaic art can add a sense of surprise and discovery to your own living spaces.

Image source : Mozaico

Let us know about your favorite sidewalk art find in the comments, and be sure not to miss the latest on interior design inspo by signing up for our newsletter!

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