Mosaic Ideas to Make the Most Out of the Summer at Home

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Thinking of spending more time at home this summer? You’re not alone – with changing information and a newfound love for home comforts, more Americans than ever are staying put this year. With home renovations at an all-time high, you may have been hard at creating the home you’ve always wanted. Now, with warmer weather and outdoor activities on the seasonal schedule, we’d like to encourage you to make this the best season ever, using the best of modern mosaic art and mosaic designs! We’ve gone through our extensive catalog with care, searching out ideas as if we’ve been hunting for treasures at the seashore!

Speaking of sandy beaches and ocean life, our Sea Turtles and Fish Mosaic Pool Tile design is filled with the wonder of nautical life and its movements. Did you know that sea turtles can be found on U.S. beaches on both coasts? Their love of temperate and tropical waters leads them to beautiful locations everywhere.

In this piece of modern mosaic art, a pair of lively turtles surprise some neighbors engaged in fishy activity. Cool tones of blues and greens evoke the undersea world. Imagine it installed in a swimming pool or spa, where the rippling waters will accent the dynamic arrangement of the marble tiles.

Mozaico’s many rug styles are a chic way to carry your design style throughout your home, garden, and pool area. They’re fantastic in so many ways: withstanding water, providing color and interest to difficult surfaces, and creating memorable tabletops.

The official shoe of summer – The Flip Flop – is charmingly represented by a series of whimsical sandals on this mosaic design. Stepping lightly around the border, they’re interspersed with seashells. At the center, the intense blue wave patterns of pools and ocean add a pop of color.

Another part of the summer blues is the beauty of clear skies. If your fond memories involve endless cloudless days and flower-filled vistas, this piece of stunning mosaic artwork will make you smile. Fully handcrafted with thousands of individually selected marble tiles, our Indigo Flower Field art is a welcome way to create the sense of an open view on any wall.

We’ve talked before about the best vacation destinations for our mosaic-loving readers – now you can rest your eyes on one of our personal favorites: the Mediterranean coasts. Keep your wanderlust sharp as you plan your next post-pandemic trip – this Coastal Cliff Scenery art is filled with inspiring details. Don’t forget to include a stop at some of the Roman mosaic excavations, or even some extended time in Pompeii.

Bold and beautiful birds, butterflies, and flowers are some of the sublime joys of warmer weather. Only mosaic art can convey the detail and glow of the natural world with such impressive durability. We’ve found that the careful hands-on aspect of creating mosaic designs creates meaningful beauty that complements the outdoor lifestyle.

For example, the ethereal nature of dragonflies is captured perfectly in this mosaic pattern. The tiles add definition to your walls while illustrating two multicolored dragonflies. Were you aware that the dragonfly is considered a powerful messenger of magic? Full of mysticism and powers of illusion, this duo will light up your outdoor spaces with bold colors on a neutral background.

outdoor spaces with bold colors
Source: MozaicoDragonflies

We love the power of the saturated hues in our contemporary Sunflowers design. Beloved by Van Gogh, and a symbol of hope and happiness, these spectacular blooms bring out the child in all of us. Add this piece of marble mosaic anywhere to create a mesmerizing focal point. With its bright hues, it will accentuate any type of floral arrangement or flower garden.

arrangement or flower garden
Source: MozaicoSunflowers

If you associate summer with the type of bright colors in the previous piece of mosaic art, you’re sure to love the joyful palette of our Psychedelic Sun celestial design. This circular piece also adds sheer zest to tabletops, spa floors, and more, always enticing a smile out of all who see its contented countenance. Invite Mr. Sol into your home and garden, and you’ll be assured of both sunny days and minimal care, no matter what the weather or conditions!

Outdoor entertaining is a summer staple – there’s nothing like the clink of ice in a cool drink to bring back sweet memories! Prepare for the seasonal festivities with some accents that subtly evoke the delights of fresh fruits and an abundance of tasty treats served poolside. The Pietre Mosaic Fruit Bowl is our own version of the famous fruit bowl paintings. This mosaic artwork shines with details that breathe life into the natural stone elements. A perennial favorite for kitchen backsplashes and dining spaces, it’s also a fine choice for your alfresco dining area.

The freshness of MCM style design and its amazing color combinations is a big winner for Summer 2021. Check out our new design that will freshen up your entertaining with the hottest new look! The Fluid Vases I mosaic artwork will be stunning on a bar or tabletop – or anywhere you want a dash of color. The lush turquoise and contrasting coral tones are natural for outdoor areas from the poolhouse to the patio.

natural for outdoor areas
Source: MozaicoFluid Vases

How could we leave without a salute to a true summer classic? The grace and rhythm of hula dancers have enchanted millions – even those who’ve never stepped a bare foot onto the Hawaiian islands. Our performer is captured while performing her captivating dance. In your own spaces, this piece of mosaic art will surely invite color and liveliness to every summer day.

Summer days build strong memories – are yours associated with a special scent, destination, or song? Tell us about it in the comments, and you may see your idea featured in a future Mozaico blog! Don’t miss any of the latest news on archaeological finds, fresh interior design ideas, or color inspo -be sure to sign up for our newsletter!

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