Get Your Garden Summer Ready! Styling with Mosaic Garden Art

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A garden is the natural capacity of its household; It’s the place where outside anxiety disappears, and our inner tranquility flourishes. Often spicing up your garden with mosaic garden art completes the whole look!

The color green is the most dominant color in an outdoor space — being the color of trees, grass, and plants — and like all the other main colors, it has its own color psychology.

Green is associated with tranquility, happiness, and safety; which explains why being surrounded by nature provokes a soothing and relaxing aura.

Your garden, much like all other parts of your household, deserves to be decorated and taken care of.

From embellishing your space with mosaic wall art to protecting your flowers with garden gnomes, there is no limit to what we can create out of a green earthy space.

“No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden.”

-Thomas Jefferson

First Things First

Before checking out how to decorate your garden, you should take care of its most important aspect: The grass.

First Things First
Photo by Brandon Hoogenboom on Unsplash

Not mowing your lawn regularly can cause your grass to grown unevenly, creating an inelegant look to your outdoor space. It should be regularly hydrated for a healthier and greener look.

Imagine decorating a living room with broken floor tiles; that’s how an uneven (and unhealthy) lawn looks like.

“The warm green of the grass, sprinkled with flowers of many hues, is a carpet whereon we walk with noiseless tread.”

— William Wendt

Having an outdoor space is a blessing. There are no limitations when it comes to decorating your garden, and here are some ideas to get you started:

Some Trendy Garden Styling Ideas

#1 — Give Life To Your Wall

Decorating your walls will add an eye-catching spark to your garden, all while embellishing your overall outdoor space.

You can decorate your walls using some colorful mosaic artworks:

Give Life To Your Wall
Source: MozaicoRomantic Herons

This modern mosaic wall art combines two color schemes; a cool color scheme and a warm one.

The cool color scheme exists with the light colors of blue and green in the background, plus the white and grey colors of the herons themselves.

This color scheme is excellent when it comes to decorating your garden with mosaic garden art because it unleashes a calming and relaxing effect; exactly what you need in an outdoor space.

The warm color scheme exists in the trees and the earth, and the combination of those colors is proven to enhance your mood and give life to your garden.

Source: MozaicoSunset Wave

This soothing mosaic can also be a great addition to your outdoor space with its colorful blue palette and warm sunset vibe. Plus, blue is a relaxing color all by itself so that’s a bonus.

If you’re curious to see more mosaic garden art designs, then head to our website for an endless selection of mosaic wall art.

#2 — Create a pathway

A landscape designer’s main choices when landscaping a garden!

A garden pathway is essential; It helps keep your garden neat and your grass unharmed, plus it completes the overall aesthetic look.

It makes your garden come alive.

You can create a pathway using various materials such as wood and marbles (wood being the easiest to use), and you can also design it however you want.

You don’t have to go with the simple consecutive rectangles, you can create multiple shapes and even combine several material tiles all at once.

Get creative!

#3 — Garden Gnomes

A garden gnome surrounded with msoaic tiles
Source: Mosaic

Garden gnomes have been blessing our garden since the early 17th-century.

They were believed to be the protector of ancient buried treasures and a major source of good luck.

Even today, their role as protectors did not cut short; they’re used today to protect our corps and watch over them.

There many gnome styles to choose from, and each one of them is special in its own way! Especially this mosaic-tiled one depicted on the left.






#4 — Pool Mosaic Art

Source: Mozaico

A pool is a great addition to any outdoor space, and decorating it will increase its attractiveness exponentially, and it will make your garden even more special.

A great way to decorate your pool (the most common way know), is to get creative with the mosaic tile art inside of it. In the picture displayed above, we see a dolphin pool mosaic medallion installed in one of our customers’ outdoor pools.

Its’ combination of a colorful blue palette and elegant shapes creates an eye-catching display, embellishing your pool and your overall garden.

#5 — Firepit

Source: Fire Pit

If you plan on throwing an elegant gathering party in your outdoor space, or simply firing up some smores now and then, then a fire pit is all you need.

It’s very useful, especially in winter when it’s chilly outside. Plus it creates a comfort zone that will get you closer to your loved ones.

Moreover, its fiery brilliance will embellish your garden with an attractive and warm color scheme.


Are you embellishing your garden the way it deserves?

Head to our website if you want to see some more mosaic-related content!

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