How To Clean, Cover And Prevent Wall And Ceiling Stains In Your Home

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How To Clean, Cover And Prevent Wall And Ceiling Stains In Your Home

Stained walls and ceilings? They’re not a new decorating fad. Instead, they're a common problem in homes. This week, we’ll talk about how a house can change colors all on its own - and why it’s not a desirable outcome. The good news? We have some great ideas on how you can cover those icky spots and prevent new issues - with stunning new mosaic art.

The Ugly Truth

Get ready for some real-life examples of how these stains can pop up and take up residence in your space. Wall and ceiling spots and yellowing can arise from different causes - and understanding their source can help you create a clean slate for your new mosaic art. Let’s do a quick run-through on how to identify those bothersome blotches.

Paint Leaching

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Ever wonder why yellowish or brown stains will develop in some painted areas - like in a bathroom? Blame it on water and the latex paint that was used. Weirdly, there’s a chemical reaction that occurs when water encounters this type of paint. The surfactants that are used in paint formulas help new paint adhere better. All paint has it - and it naturally has a brown tint. Usually, that’s not a problem, once the paint dries.

Add water - from a leak, condensation, or water shower spray - and the surfactant is reactivated. It then separates from the paint, and rises to the top, creating the stain you’re seeing. If you’re thinking that might be a problem in a moist, confined space: you’re right!

Best practices for cleaning up these stains is to use warm water and soap and let dry. The surface will then be ready for mosaic tile installation. 

Mold and Mildew

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Mold can come in a range of colors. Varying shades of mold species that grow in a house might be pink, gray, white or brown, and also black - that’s Stachybotrys. None of them are good - but Stachybotrys is the nasty strain that’s most linked with health problems. 

Mold isn’t always associated with leaks - it also thrives in dark, moist places. That could be anywhere with poor ventilation:  kitchens, laundry rooms, and especially bathrooms. Get a fresh new start by using detergent, water, and bleach, and discarding any drywall or lumber that’s been infiltrated by the “roots” of mold colonies. 

Nicotine and Smoke

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The main cause of yellowing walls and ceilings is cigarette smoke. In an enclosed space, the tar and nicotine build up on everything - clinging tightly to walls, light fixtures, and more. This is the reason that the smell continues long after anyone smokes in a house. 

As it bonds to the paint, it becomes hard to clean. Eventually, the evidence of all the smoke in the air becomes obvious. Similarly, frequent use of candles, fireplaces, and incense can also lead to stained paint.

Removing the residue can be daunting, but the way to create a blank slate for mosaic art installation begins with using rubbing alcohol on darker stains, a heavy-duty cleaner on larger areas, and something that will add extra oomph to your cleaning - like magic eraser sponges, or microfiber cloths. 

New Beginnings for Kitchens

Image Source: Mozaico

Now that you’ve tackled the stains, it’s time to explore some great ways to cover walls and ceilings with mosaic tile - a beautiful way to create a new look that’s stain-proof, waterproof, and easy to clean.

Image Source: Mozaico

 Kitchens with no windows, smaller kitchens, and poor airflow can create problems for their owners. Rather than battling with traditional painted walls, backsplashes, and range hoods, mosaic tile adds artistic flair while solving the issues at hand. If you’ve been hankering for a splash of color or a unique focal point, our mosaic art designs have something for everyone.

Image Source: Mozaico

As a backsplash, it’s not affected by water - even in high-use areas. Simply wipe it down, or use a gentle cleaning product for food splashes.

Image Source: Mozaico

Bold mosaic wall art can transform the space, and be sized to fit even large wall areas around and behind stovetops.

Graceful Solutions for Bathrooms

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 This high-traffic room has a special set of problems - lots of moisture in the air, constant condensation, big splashes of water, and poor ventilation. Never worry about mold, peeling paint or wallpaper, or water stains again in your bathroom. With mosaic tile art, you’ll get a wider range of design ideas, and a lifetime guarantee

Image Source: Mozaico

 Cover an entire shower wall, or carry the design all the way up to the ceiling. (And, honestly, wouldn’t you rather contemplate a gorgeous piece of eye candy like this as you shampoo your hair?)

Going big with mosaic wall art can create surfaces that sparkle with life and natural stone accents - all while resisting mildew and reactions with water.

Image Source: Mozaico

 Art Anywhere - Inside or Out

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 Indoor-outdoor living can create its own set of problems for decor. Paint isn’t always practical, humidity levels can fluctuate widely, and the same issues with smoke and oils can also affect outdoor spaces.  Mosaic art, like this oversized installation above - can give the spaces a finished look, without the hassle of high maintenance.

Image Source: Mozaico 

It’s easy to cook, enjoy a peaceful grill party, or light candles in profusion in an outdoor room like this. It has the look of fine art on the walls and a stunning carpet on the floor - all mosaic art from our catalog.

Image Source: Mozaico

You’ll never feel that you're being limited by your materials and finishes with mosaic wall art. It’s unaffected by damp breezes, candle smoke, and the elements. 

If you’re baffled by recurring stains and difficult environments in your home decor projects, just remember that mosaic art is the champion of all materials. It provides art and a finished look in a multitude of applications!

Get started with your transformation by spending some time with our huge catalog of mosaic art that can be used virtually anywhere in and around your home! Our customization options are nearly endless - we’re ready to help you work with special shapes and color choices - even reproducing your favorite photos!

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