Mosaic Art: Choosing The Right Pattern for Your Space

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Mosaic Art: Choosing The Right Pattern for Your Space

Something almost all interior designers will tell you is that rules are meant to be broken, as your home décor has to reflect your living style and your personality than any conventional trend.

However, when it comes to picking a mosaic artwork for your home you, the only thing you can possibly be limited by is your own creative spices. This art form comes in just about every color or style you may imagine. You can find an unlimited amount of mosaic designs created with a wide variety of mediums and methods. Following are some mosaic ideas to help you convert your living space and best reveal your style and person!

Gingerbread Mosaic Patterns :

An entryway, backyard, or patio can really be groomed up with gingerbread mosaic designs. These ornamental patterns are often installed in floors or outdoor decorative projects. As they really create a rustic, yet luxury statement. If you have a wide entryway or a huge backyard Gingerbread Patterns are something you really should consider having installed!

Photos Via: Design Boom

mosaic art

mosaic art

Abstract Mosaic Patterns:

One of the most common and versatile ways to add an interesting flamboyance to your space is to visualize a three-dimensional abstract artwork. When it comes to abstract mosaics, you are free to pick any color palette, from pastels to bold and everything in between! Abstract mosaic designs are often installed in public places, such as swimming pools, public parks, and spas.

Photo Via: Sonia King

mosaic art

Creative Mosaic Patterns:

Another great option is to pick a creative artsy-fartsy mosaic pattern. This is a bit more on the Post-Contemporary side, but not nearly as modern as the abstract mosaics. Creative mosaic patterns are perfect for most home decors and styles. Your design options are almost limitless as you can choose to customize your own idea by a contemporary mosaicist!

Photos Via: Ancient Art of Stone

mosaic art

Floral Mosaic Patterns:

Although each interior designer has his or own bag of sugar and spices, they commonly suppose that the decor should always mirror the home-owners interests and passions and should never be excessively bold. If you love the outdoors, you can use mosaic art to bring the outdoors inside your home. You may want to have a traditional floral theme, or and abstract floral design that really pops. Whatever you choose, flower mosaic art will certainly add a touch of whimsy to your space!

Photo Via: Mozaico

mosaic art

Realistic Mosaic Patterns

Still life and 16th-century realistic portraits enthusiast? You can have pretty much any photo or art piece turned into a photorealistic mosaic artwork. When contemplated close-up, these mosaics aren’t as vivid as other modern mosaic designs, however, a realistic mosaic pattern will help you visualize the texture and appearance of the stone art. From a distance, you get a clearer vision of the picture that has been portrayed, one stone at a time!

Photo Via: Domingo Zapata

mosaic art

Geometric Mosaic Patterns

Another popular choice is a mosaic a geometric mosaic art. These patterns are often quite bold and are best suited for kitchens,bathrooms and outdoors. Often found in public venues, such as restaurants and bars, because they are really vivid and eye catching.

Photos Via: Pierre Mesguich Mosaik

mosaic art

mosaic art

Last but not least, mosaic art can pull all the pieces together to give your space a finished look! The three-dimensional effect and variety of hues have fastened the evolution of mosaic art and transformed it into a home interior art form. Gone are the days of simple squares and flat colors; in today’s homes, mosaic art is maintaining an ever-increasing visual appeal!

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