Marble Mosaic Art: The Cleaning Guide

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Natural stone mosaic is well known as the decorative architectural element that can be easily embodied into both a modern and/or traditional interior design. From a range of potential designs, natural stone mosaics can be illustrated in a range of patterns, textures, and finishes. Travertine mosaic tile and marble mosaic tile are some of the materials that fall under the natural stone umbrella. Marble mosaics usually need less upkeep in contrary to the more sensitive glass mosaics. Although marble mosaics are known to be long-lasting, owning a stylish mosaic will still require you to make a minimal amount of time for cleaning and maintaining throughout the year to ensure that it’s well-kept and will stand the test of time. If neglected or cleaned with poor techniques; mosaic murals will be prone to damage especially larger ones. If you’re thinking of how to clean and maintain your marble mosaic, this step-by-step guide will walk you through all you need to know.

marble mosaic

First Step: Cleansing

The first step will be cleaning your natural stone mosaic vigorously from dust using a groom or even a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment.

Second Step: Rinsing

Next step is rinsing the mosaic surface with clean water and then apply cleaning solution with a mop or sponge throughout the exposed surface; leaving it for about 5 minutes. Make sure to avoid acidic cleansers because they can damage the marble tile, so don’t use products with lemon, vinegar, or bleach. Instead use gentle, non-abrasive dish soap with neutral pH. For the best results, mix about 8 ounces of warm water with one tablespoon of the soap in a spray bottle and shake the mixture well, to muddle up both ingredients.

marble mosaic

Third Step: Mopping

By using a sponge-tipped mop for a floor or a regular domestic sponge for any other surface, proceed to meticulously clean the desired surface. Then rinse the mosaic surface with clean water to remove the natural stone cleaning debris.

marble mosaic

Fourth Step: Wiping Off

Wipe down the tile surface using a hot, wet cloth (for walls and countertops) or a mop dampened with hot water (for floors). Finally, remove all the water and moist residue by using a soft dry towel or mop to thoroughly dry and buff the tile.

Last but not least, marble mosaics usually need less upkeep in contrary to the more sensitive glass mosaics. Mosaics made mostly of marble are more durable than glass. So, now that you followed all the steps and done everything right, you will have your mosaics look like new again! See? I told you it’s easy.

marble mosaic

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