Mosaic Ideas for Valentine's Day Gifts

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Creating a memorable Valentine’s Day with a mosaic gift will cement your Super Sweetheart Status! Puns aside, we have combed through our catalog to find outstanding mosaic ideas that will celebrate your relationship.

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Did you know that Valentine’s Day has a history that extends back to the 1500s? That’s right, St. Valentine’s Day on February 14th was officially declared for the first time in 1537. It first celebrated the Roman priest who performed secret weddings and healed the blind. The typical hearts and cupids arrived later! Don’t worry, though – our gift choices won’t always be so conventional.

1- Fairytales for Grownups


Is your relationship a timeless tale? Did true love win out? Was someone being swept off their feet? Honestly, we’re all suckers for a good happy ending, and fairy tales supply them. If you’re part of a romance that would make Prince Charming and Cinderella jealous – you’ll love this glass mosaic artwork.

Depicting all the important Happily Ever After details, our Fairytale Love Mosaic Art features an embracing prince and princess on their prancing white steed. Just in the background, their castle awaits. Every bit of this mosaic artwork seems to magically gleam and glitter.

2- Heartwarming Vibes


For a lasting tribute to your unique dynamic, use our whimsical Marble Heart Mosaic in your garden. Perfectly proportioned for use on a sidewalk, wall, or unique fountain backsplash, this mosaic artwork idea is a cheery, year-round reminder of your lasting love.

The fresh look and soothing colors used in this piece will make it a soothing counterpart for plants or water features. What a wonderful way to share your love with someone who loves the great outdoors!

3- A Perfect Goddess


For a partner who surpasses all in her beauty – let her know that she reminds you of none other than the Roman Goddess of Love. In this iconic scene, she rises from the seafoam on an open shell – while her attendants rush to cover her divine figure with royal robes. This marble mosaic artwork reproduction of Sandro Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” uses thousands of handset tiles to achieve its richness of detail.

Every altar dedicated to the art of beauty would welcome Venus and her retinue – we suggest her portrait for bathrooms and dressing areas. The soft hues used in the design should fit nearly anywhere.

4- Eternal Love and Grace


We love the idea of honoring your partnership with these graceful white birds. The Red-Crowned Crane Mosaic Mural is a wonderful symbol of love and longevity. As they mate for life, they connote eternal love and devotion. If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day mosaic ideas for a nature enthusiast, consider this duo!

Our version utilizes these stunning creatures for a delicate portrait. The mated pair poses at a rocky stream, which is brought to life by the hand-cut natural stones of the mosaic artwork. Place this serene scene in any room – but it works particularly well with Asian decor themes and greenery.

5- A Most Romantic Dance


It’s said that good relationships are like a dance. Celebrate the give and take of your fine romance with this stunning scene! Our fine mosaic art version of Jack Vettriano’s “The Singing Butler” Mosaic Reproduction will enchant your beloved.

The rich tones of the woman’s red dress are set off by the grayness of rain-soaked clouds and the butler’s uniform. It’s one of our favorite mosaic ideas for anyone who has sacrificed to make a big romantic gesture! This is a beautiful piece for backsplashes.

6- A Funky Kind Of Love


Not every great affair is the same – maybe yours is a funky kind of love? Sweet and lighthearted, this funky love mosaic glass wall art depicts a couple in tune in every way. From their colorful clothing to their matching expressions of bliss, they’re clearly a perfect pair.

Sharply outlined against a bright white background, this mosaic artwork is a big pop of color for your home. Wouldn’t it be an upbeat accent to a tabletop or shower wall? No matter where it is, you and your loved one will be reminded of how you dance to your own kind of music.

7- Simple and True


Perfectly proportioned for an inlaid garden path or tabletop, the “With Love” mosaic medallion is quite the charming piece. The crisp reds and yellows really stand out against the white marble tile background. Handset tiles spell out the simple message. Or – it can be customized to show your personal message for your sweetheart.

Hearts are iconic for Valentine’s Day gifts, and this particular design has the immediate appeal of a handcrafted card. Let a special version shine in your own home! Customized mosaic ideas are a sweet promise for giving one of our gift cards.

8- Perfect Day


What could be more personal – and romantic – than commemorating a special time in your life? Mozaico’s wide selection of scenic mosaic designs can whisk you back to a place you both love. Maybe it was the location of your proposal, a memorable vacation, or your favorite couple’s getaway. Make it last year-round with a piece of mosaic wall art, and you’ll be able to celebrate your love every day.

We’ve chosen a dreamy scene for your inspiration. Our Toscana mosaic wall art shows a view anyone would love. Take a peek at the shady luscious picnic for two arranged in the foreground, and imagine how sweet the wine will taste as you watch the sailboats pass by. That’s amore!

9- A Divine Romance


Rounding out our heavenly roster of inspiration, we present this portrait of Shiva and Shakti. Their great romance is a classic tale of thunderstruck lovers who overcome great odds. Here, in our mosaic artwork depiction, they are captured in a blissful moment. Lord Shiva was still fulfilling his duty to keep the cosmos running smoothly, but was spending most of his time blissfully together with Shakti in their mountain hideaway.

The beautiful cool blues of this mosaic artwork will be a soothing addition to any room. What a wonderful way to let your love know that your feelings are as deep as any divine romance.

10- Classic, Just Like Your Love


We close our list of top Valentine’s Day gift selections with a classic celebration of love and nature. Our Flowers and Doves marble mosaic art says it all – while showcasing its elegant inspiration. With a pair of doves – the traditional symbol of a loving couple – setting the scene, the curtain is pulled back on a highly romantic scene.
This charming mosaic artwork design has it all: A bouquet of roses, sparkling chandelier light, and flower garlands. Let your Valentine know that you’re ready to set the stage for a romantic life together – forever.

Still deciding on the right way to surprise your Valentine on February 14th? We have the perfect way to help you speed the process! A Mozaico gift card allows the recipient to choose the immortal piece of mosaic artwork from our huge catalog, which is packed with more mosaic ideas that you can imagine. Your lucky Valentine can also explore all the possibilities of creating a piece of custom mosaic art! Simply visit our mosaic gift cards page here. You can claim it immediately on our website mosaics gift cards section.

We’d love to hear about how you’d like to commemorate your romance with one of our mosaic artwork designs!

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