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Top 10 Religious Mosaics Of The Week


Art is the only way to escape the routine and stagnation of life, without the need to leave home. Regardless of where we are or what we are doing, art spontaneously brightens our lives in all of its shades. Art of any kind, be it music, dancing or painting, is a form of an individual’s perception of the world and a divine medium of expression. For some people art is a sheer amusement, for others it might be an escape or a flee procedure out of reality. There are those among us who bid their lives, either for the act of art or the collection of art pieces and wonders. We all have an artwork that changed our lives or the way we think. For example the widely acclaimed breakthrough in the Renaissance, which expanded the concern of point of views and mediums. It allowed artists to attain three-dimensional effects on a two dimensional surface, not just in the visual concept of art but in the conceptual perspective of things as well. Through the spiritual stare of ten artists’ religious tradition, this week we thought of inspiring you with ten of the greatest religious mosaics. Some of these artworks belong to the ancient era, and others are recent. We hope this carefully chosen list of iconic religious mosaics will uplift your mind.

1• Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Mosaic Icon

Polish Art Center

This is a modern handmade and colorful mosaic that illustrates the figure of the blessed Lady of Perceptual Help. This mosaic icon was handcrafted and signed by one of the Polish Art Center artists. Many colorful glass mosaic tiles were handpicked from Warsaw in Poland to create this blissful icon in a high meditative spirit. This mosaic was applied to a wooden block and sealed with a clear finish.

Mosaic Icon Virgin Mary

2• Master Ecclesiae – Mother of the church

Saint Peter’s Square

This celestial marble mosaic icon of our lady, Mother of the Church, crowns Saint Peter’s Square with beauty and peace. The pope John Paul II installed this idyllic mosaic icon, right after he survived the assassination attempt. The pope has also blessed this mosaic artwork on December 8, 1981 during his Angelus Address. Anyone can come to this Square to address his or her greeting and prayers to sacred mosaic portrait.

Master Ecclesiae Mother of the church  mosaic

3• Our Lady of Vladimir Mosaic Icon

Polish Art Center

Here is another handmade glass mosaic icon, handcrafted and signed by the ingenious polish artist from Warsaw. This mosaic reproduction of the famous byzantine icon of our lady of Vladimir is admitted by all who have seen it to be one of the most outstanding religious paintings of the world. It has been copied repeatedly for centuries, and many copies have been considered artistic with a new religious significance that differs by artist.

Religious mosaics

4• Handmade Cross Mosaic


This is a handmade cross, ornamented with tiny marble mosaic tiles that illustrate the physical suffering and ascension of Jesus. Whoever takes a look at this cross mosaic mural will be uplifted. This is a unique church emblem fully handcrafted by professional artisans from Mozaico, creating a modern vision of the dazzling emblem of ascension.

mosaic emblem for church

5• Indian Madonna

Diana Stevens

This is a superb detailed mosaic and a painterly interpretation of a very powerful image. It illustrates an utterly detailed figure of Mother Theresa or the Indian Madonna. Diana Stevens’ use of color tones and shapes brings movement and pathos to this unique mosaic artwork. Stevens is a native of the US and resides in Ravenna Italy, a city worldly renowned for its mosaic art heritage.

5 Madonna” by Diana Stevens. 5

6• Sufi Whirling


Sufism is defined as the inner mystical dimension of Islam. This handmade mosaic illustrates Islamic calligraphy folklore ornamenting the figure of a Sufi dancer. This Sufi dancing scene won’t just uplift your spiritual senses but rotate the physical movement and wonder through an astral voyage.

handmade sufi whirling mosaic

7•Tibetan Mosaic Mandala

Brett Campbell

This circle shape with a sacred geometrical form is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, which illustrates the universe. Campbell handcrafted this Tibetan Mandala exhibiting radial balance and peace. ‘This was a particularly challenging artwork to create as there was a lot of handmade cutout work’ she says.

Tibetan Mosaic Mandala

8• St. Monica Mosaic Mural

Saint Monica Catholic Church

This vibrant and diverse community of faith is for those who believe and profess the gospel of Jesus. Saint Monica Catholic Church manifests the living tradition of Roman Catholic Church: starting with the smallest mosaic mural over the double doors on the wing off the main sanctuary and ending by the glorious arched mosaic panels with gold backgrounds. Although this church became a heaven of marble mosaic art, no one knows anything about the construction specifics. Some believe that all the pastoral staff are no longer living or have moved on.

virgin mary mosaic

virgin mary mosaic

9• Arched Mosaic Panels

Saint Monica Catholic Church

This is another religious mosaic emblem in Saint Monica Catholic Church. This marble mosaic mural portrays the love of the Virgin Mary for her divine son, Jesus Christ. It is one of the half round mosaic panels with a gold mosaic background that ornaments one side of the smaller doors on the church sanctuary.

religious mosaic jesus

10• Jewish Mosaic

Amy Sheetreet

This is a handmade Jewish mosaic fully handcrafted by Amy Sheetreet. This graphic and mosaic artist asked God to use her talent as a creative artist for his glory and spin the darkness in her designs to artworks that would manifest light and joy to people. Her vision is to remind Jewish people of their God through colorful mosaic designs and colorful greeting cards.

handmade mosaic mural

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