Top 11 Installed Mosaics in 2022

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Top 11 Installed Mosaics in 2022

The Fall and Winter seasons are always favorites for inspired changes to your home. Spending time indoors, entertaining for the holidays, and more time for seeking out style ideas - it’s the perfect recipe for updating interior and exterior spaces.

We feel your enthusiasm! Nothing makes us happier than seeing our mosaic art installed - and we are constantly amazed at how creative our customers are. We know that a picture tells a story, and we’d like to share some of this style inspo with you. Our Top Eleven Installed Mosaic Designs are here to help you prepare for our Black Friday sale and plan ahead.

1- Map An Adventure

Image Source: Mozaico


There are so many details to appreciate in this home’s marble mosaic installation. A seamless transition from the surrounding floor lets this customized map float beneath your feet. See how the mosaic fits neatly into the irregular shape this alcove creates? Let’s talk about how Mozaico’s design team can make this sort of magic happen.

Our customers can supply us with a template that ensures a perfect installation, no matter what the shape or destination. Using a cardboard tracing, one can determine the exact measurements and forward them to Mozaico. The result - a totally bespoke piece like the one above. 

Love this idea? We can even create new treasure symbols or change the colors, at your request! 

2- Fanciful Fleur de Lis

    Image Source: Mozaico

    This bathroom is a showcase of how to use mosaic borders for maximum impact. The golden soaking tub is the centerpiece of this luxurious space - but it shines even more with our Argentina border.

    Jet black and gold marble tessera create an intricate fleur de lis pattern - perfect for framing the wall fireplace and tub. One fantastic feature of mosaic floors is that they’re non-slip and perfect in all kinds of wet, damp environments. (Another reason they’re so popular in swimming pools!)

    Curious about that fireplace idea? Keep reading!

    3- From Swan Lake to Fireplace

      Image Source: Mozaico


      Another customized piece made to fit the unique fireplace surround, our White Swans design really lights up this room. By request, we divided this piece and lengthened the top border to create this look.

      Fireplaces are always a focal point, and the addition of mosaic art makes them really pop. Thinking about the idea? For existing fireplaces, you should be able to apply the new tiles over flat surfaces such as brick or older tile. Once you’ve determined the correct measurements, you can select your favorite mosaic art and go through the mosaic installation process.

      4- Working with Architectural Elements

        Image Source: Mozaico

        This custom work for the Mayfair Motel in Florida is really stunning - but did you know you can incorporate mosaic art like this in your own home or business? We created this look for the luxury accommodations, and can do the same for you!

        The circular design echoes the shape of the center column and round walls in the vacation destination. In addition, our design team worked with the contractors to ensure that the marble tiles were a perfect match with the color palette chosen by the architect.

        Now, this design welcomes guests as they enter the lobby. Have similar ideas swirling around in your own head? Get in touch with us about custom work!

        5- Year-Round Garden Beauty

          Image Source: Mozaico

          Lest you think that Mozaico mosaic art is merely for interior spaces, let’s look at this joyful outdoor garden space. At its heart, our marble medallion design sets the color scheme and draws the eye to the fountain.

          The rich colors of the starburst motif are perfectly coordinated with every element of this serene courtyard. You’ll see echoes of the bricks, the leaves, and even the pottery shades in the handset tiles. 

          Mosaic art like ours is incredibly tough and durable, even outdoors. Our mosaics can withstand all weather conditions, including severe heat  - as well as temperatures below zero degrees. They’re also chemical resistant, should you wish to install them in swimming pools.

          6- Jumbo Shrimp

            Image Source: Mozaico

             When the environment calls for something colorful, tough, and easy to keep clean, mosaic art is a sensational solution. This super-sized shrimp is a centerpiece at this restaurant’s counter! Note how the background of this mosaic wall art is a perfect blend with the brown subway tile that surrounds it - as well as picking up the smaller tile size from the floor. That’s the great thing about our easy-to-customize pieces - we can work with you to perfect the design before it’s created.

            If you notice a certain glow about this giant shrimp, that’s due to the glass mosaic tiles our artists used. All in all, it’s a stunner! 

            7- One Great Wave

              Image Source: Mozaico

              Bathrooms can be tough environments to style. With an abundance of tile wall space, you might think you’re limited, in terms of great-looking art. And it’s true - the humidity and moisture can be hard on wallpaper, framed art,and other decor. 

              Fortunately, as this creative customer shows you - mosaic tile is fantastic for shower walls and other wet spaces. In a room that can lack windows and visual interest, a strong image like this wave scene can create depth and a brightness that is otherwise lacking.

              8- Directly to the Tuscan Source

                Image Source: Mozaico

                Ever wish you could get your wine cellar stocked directly from the Italian winery? We suspect that the lucky owner of this Tuscan countryside view mosaic art felt the same! A dark space becomes an instant vacation, thanks to a clever mosaic wall installation. 

                The effect created by the design makes one feel as if they can just step out the door onto their villa’s terrace, where a prized bottle of Red is ready for the next pour! Check out how nicely the existing colors in the marble floor match the stone walls of the patio in our mosaic scene. Landscape views like this are always a great way to create the feel of a window, anywhere there’s a blank wall.

                9- True North is Always Here

                  Image Source: Mozaico


                  Inset smoothly into an outside deck, this gorgeous mosaic compass medallion keeps everyone correctly oriented - and provides a visual pointer towards that incredible ocean view! As you know, our designs can be custom-sized to fit any space. Here, the homeowners went big and bold - with stunning results. 

                  When working with great sea and sky views like this, always consider how your mosaic art can enhance and complement the colors of nature. In this case, the blues and creamy white tones of this handmade mosaic match not only the deck planks - but also the water, sky, and clouds. 

                  10- Year-Round Serenity

                    Image Source: Mozaico

                    The sheer perfection of shimmering mosaic tile, water, and sunlight are showcased in this fountain design. The courting herons provide movement - their dance captured in this gorgeous scene. Winter or summer, this area will always be bright and beautiful.

                    Little details come together for maximum impact here. The tile sizes match the ones used in the pool, the blue at the bottom of the mosaic art segues into the blue water below, and the botanical elements of the design echo those in the landscaping. At this point, we probably don’t need to mention how mosaic tile is ideal for swimming pools and outdoor use - but by the way - it is! 

                    11- Well Rounded Kitchen

                      Image Source: Mozaico

                      Why not go big and bold with your kitchen backsplash? This abstract design adds just the right element of movement to a compact space. It’s one design trick you’ll want to try - and we have thousands of mosaic art ideas to help you pick just the right colors, shapes, and style for your next project. 

                      Inspired? Ready to take the next steps? Just dip into our catalog and let your mind wander through all kinds of mosaic art! 



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