Why the Coronavirus Pandemic is the Best Time for Renovations?

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During the coronavirus quarantine, schedules have changed, weekends got longer, and people suddenly had a lot more time on their hands. As we spend more time at home, looking at our spaces, it has inspired many of us to take on some renovation projects.

Completing a mosaic project is a satisfying way to add art to your home, and one we recommend. We’ve featured so many fantastic DIY mosaic ideas here on our blog! We’ll recap the best and focus on ones that can be accomplished without any extra trips outside your home. Mosaic art can be ordered online and shipped directly to your home. These ideas will keep shopping for supplies to a minimum, all at essential businesses, such as hardware stores.

Someday, we’ll be ready to invite friends and family into our homes again. When mosaic tiles for entertainment season are here, you can be ready to celebrate with all sorts of useful and festive updates.

Take a Seat

Is mosaic artwork suitable for your outdoor seating areas? Absolutely! Working with the flat surface of a bench or a similar piece is easy. The waterproof surface that mosaic tile provides means that your project will be great indoors or outdoors.

Coronavirus Mosaic Renovations
Image Source: Urban Gardens Web

Adding colorful mosaic tile to surfaces ensures that the colors stay bright year-round, and don’t require any special treatment. You can start small for your first piece. This custom design utilizes simple pieces and will be a fun family activity.

As your skills progress, you may be inspired to create even bigger and more elaborate pieces of seating art! How about this bench for inspiration?

Coronavirus Mosaic Renovations
Image Source: Pinterest

Enhance an Architectural Feature

Every home has the potential for highlighting a unique architectural feature. While you’re experiencing downtime during the COVID-19 restrictions, you may find yourself reading magazines and hankering to explore some bohemian mosaic art design.

Coronavirus Mosaic Renovations
Image Source: Pinterest

Look around, and you’ll find all kinds of spots that would really stand out with mosaic tile art as an enhancement. The octagonal shape of this window is perfectly framed with color and botanically-inspired shapes.

The relatively small tile sizes used in many mosaic designs are well-suited for curved or somewhat irregular surfaces. These columns have been covered in a Mozaico pattern that features birds and branches.

Arches, stair risers, and fireplaces all look great with mosaic art. These smaller surface areas are a wonderful type of renovation to complete now.
This fireplace was transformed into the centerpiece of the room, but there are many different ways to approach an idea like this. Check out our blog about mosaic tile fireplaces for much more inspiration!

Coronavirus Mosaic Renovations
Image Source: Pinterest

Poolside Prep

Does the warmer weather have you dreaming of your summer swim time with friends and family? Some of our pool mosaic design project ideas can help make the days go by faster. Let’s look at some projects for the poolside, pool house, and more.

Sprucing up an outdoor bar area is a fun one. This design, from our collection, is just one of many that can be customized to your desired size and dimensions.

How about adding a backsplash to your cabana bathroom with some glass mosaic tile art? It’s practical and perfect for keeping it relaxed and stylish around the pool.

Coronavirus Mosaic Renovations
Image Source: Designing Ideas

Updating an existing water feature is a terrific task for Spring. While it’s still the off-season for pool activities, you can install a new mosaic design. It’s just one of the many stunning ways to use mosaic art as wall decor in your home’s outdoor spaces.

Gather Round – Tabletops Are Our Top Choice

One of our most popular projects for customers is a new mosaic tabletop. We’ve been helping them with mosaic art installation guides and how to install mosaics videos as they embark on their exciting home renovation activities.

No matter what your choice of table is, there’s a design that will work perfectly. Any shape is fine – even the more irregular ones! Let’s look at some examples.

The popularity of Mid-Century Modern furniture includes its organic shapes. Although a pristine coffee or end table can be quite pricey in today’s market, you can create your own version with one of our designs.

The glass mosaic in this design glows with gold accents, and can be customized to your own color choices or dimensions. Another great group home renovation project!

If you’re looking for a mosaic tabletop that will serve as a piece of functional art, this Sunburst design is a superb choice. The marble mosaic art can be sized to your existing tabletop and will look amazing indoors, where it can brighten up the whole space, as well as outdoors.

For round tables, the classic nautical compass motif is a natural choice. It looks great on all table sizes, and the blues are a perfect complement for this year’s mosaic art color trends.

The deep tones in this Whirlwind mosaic art design will look good in nearly any setting. The central point is the perfect place for any centerpiece.

Or, maybe it’s time to make your renovation project personal. Did you know that Mozaico can create custom mosaic art from almost any photo, sketch, or drawing? Perhaps 2020 is the time to commemorate your family history with a crest or monogram for your tabletop!


Mosaic art provides the satisfaction of completing hands-on home renovation project with adding a unique piece of art to your surroundings. Our online catalog will give you hours of enjoyment while you plan, and our custom options are incredible. Let us help you make this year memorable in a positive way!

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