Mosaic Table Tops to Embellish Your Interiors

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Mosaic table tops are an easy way to add incredible style to your outdoor dining and entertaining! If you’ve ever admired the colorful tables at sidewalk cafes, you know how much impact the right hues can have. When they’re combined with the mosaic art designs and patterns we offer, your patio or other outdoor space can spring to life.

Think about it: Tablecloths require washing and changing, wood isn’t always practical, and paint fades. Mosaic art, on the other hand, stays just as bright and beautiful through sun and storms. It’s also a way to find just the perfect look for your table: There’s a style for everyone and every setting. Furthermore, you can order a custom piece, if you don’t see just the right mosaic art design.

Let’s see how the right mosaic table top art can transform your outdoor style!

Strong Patterns and Defined Shapes

For many of us, outdoor spaces are light and bright escapes. It’s easy to enjoy saturated colors and bold looks. Adding a mosaic table top doesn’t mean that your aesthetic is over-the-top, but we’ve selected some artwork that really stands out.

Graphic stripes are still a strong favorite in decorating. The contrast between black and white is so crisp and helps set off seating areas. Do consider mixing these designs for a sophisticated blend! Our designs can be sized to fit your tabletops, allowing you to utilize mosaic artwork on virtually any table, large or small.

For example, this zebra stripe would look great on a dining table or side table on your patio.

The square layout of this marble mosaic art design is perfect for tabletops. Alternate and mix the direction of the tiles for a look that’s all your own.

Another dynamic design that mixes well with our stripes is this swirling rondure design. Colors straight from nature will create a tabletop that looks at home in the great outdoors.

This look would also blend nicely with a monochromatic pattern such as this geometric mosaic. It picks up both the rounded and straight lines of the table tops we’ve seen.

Bring It All Together With Designs From Nature

Many outdoor dining looks rely on natural influences. With gardens and swimming pools nearby, homeowners are drawn to mosaic table top designs that depict the flora and fauna of their surroundings. Don’t feel that you’re confined to one style, though – today’s mosaic art goes far beyond standard-issue looks!

Even rustic decor goes beautifully with mosaic artwork. Screened porches and nights by the fireplace are perfectly complemented by the graphic pine tree motif of this mosaic tile art.

Remind yourself of the best days of summer with a tabletop that recalls bright sunshine and fluttering visitors. Match colors with your chair cushions or furniture paint to really bring it all together. You’ll be able to entertain outside without a single worry about spilled drinks or food!

Poolside dining can be a year-round activity in some climates. If your idea of peaceful times outside always includes blue water nearby, consider a mosaic art motif that celebrates the life aquatic. Nautical and sea mosaics are always a classic choice, like this design.

Another natural with poolside living? Palm trees, of course! Our marble mosaic is a stunning accent to a beach lifestyle!

The Bold and the Beautiful – Colors That Pop

Designs that enhance your colorful outdoor furniture are fun and invite creativity. If you’ve invested in the perfect chaise lounge cushions or carefully matched your poolside furniture to your home’s paint or pool’s tile, mosaic tabletops are for you!

Here are some of the most popular hues of 2020, each depicted in a variety of mosaic art. Which will look the best under your pool umbrella? Perhaps this richly toned celestial motif?

Or maybe your personal preference includes a love of the Southwestern influence, with chili reds and sunflower yellows?

The bold and slightly abstract look of these peacock feathers will create a mosaic table top that looks at home poolside or perched nearby a lush landscape. Deep blues and saturated greens create a thoroughly modern take on nature.

If your style runs more towards the classic, mosaic table top designs are already a time-honored and traditional way to decorate homes and gardens. Honor the past and create a table that will look pristine long into the future with these looks. They’ll blend beautifully with all types of outdoor furniture styles, and can extend your interior design aesthetic right up to the edge of the pool.

This square design is inviting, with a smooth surface and just the right amount of cerulean blue to make the mosaic art stand out.

If your idea of floral decor is a timeless blend of earth tones and blossoms, this mosaic art has it all. Moreover, there’s a surprising amount of detail to appreciate – always a pleasant proposition when you’re sitting down over a meal or drinks.

Like all of our mosaic art, these tabletops are a durable, low-maintenance way to add a creative touch to your outdoor spaces. They withstand moisture, the elements, and all types of weather without fading. Guests enjoy their cool surfaces, and there are no worries about any spills or accidents that might occur while entertaining. Check out our extensive online catalog for more ideas, or we can work with you for a custom design that will be uniquely yours!

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